The Ministry of Economy covers more products from regional economies

The Ministry of Economy covers more products from regional economies
Connected products represent more than US$ 210 million in exports during 2022 / Photo: Archive

The Ministry of Economy added new categories of various chains to the list of regional economies. Export Enhancement Program (PIE)It establishes a temporary variable exchange rate of $300 per dollar until October 31, through Resolution 216/2023, published in the Official Gazette this Wednesday.

It determined that it “includes products derived from rabbit meat chains”. Pork products, by-products of the wine chain; Exclusively some qualities of cotton have no incidence of commercialization in the internal market; enzymes and ingredients for the food industry; Fodder seeds and other species, flowers and ornamentals.”

In the case Pork productsThe regulations clarified, “In this case the volume of exports is less than 1% of production.”

He Agriculture SecretaryJuan Pahillo, “highlights the importance of these policies to promote regional roots, added value, industrialization at the source and increase in exports, through harmonious socioeconomic development between the various chains.”

Connected products represent US$ 210 million in exports by 2022, according to data provided Under Secretary of Food.

“Particularly relevant in determining the scope of this measure is productivity, integration in the world and diversity in the production matrix of different chains,” the resolution stressed.

Reasonable prices

In this way, about 60 chains of regional economies have already been linked to the export increase program, which guarantees the promotion of employment and supply within the framework of the internal market. Reasonable prices.

They include sorghum, fodder barley, sunflower and their major derivatives such as oil and flour; Products derived from vegetable chains (fresh, frozen and preserved), animal feed products, fresh fruits and their derivatives; Sharpness of mutton, bran and grain grits, vegetable seeds and other species.

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There are wine, olive, beekeeping, fishing, forestry-industry, wool, pulses, garlic, tea, peanuts, tobacco, lemon, plum, popcorn, best fruits, dried fruits, candy sunflower, tangerine complexes. , oranges, rice, blueberries, pears and apples, onions, kiwi, grapefruit etc.

Requirements for accessing the program

The requirements for all products of the regional economy must be met by those interested in accessing the benefits of the scheme Exported goods At any point in the 18 months immediately preceding the coming into force of Order 194, as well Commitment to maintain or increase the number of jobs.

They also need to be reassured Supply to the local market Along with these items, the supply volume to be recorded during the 18 months of validity of the said order shall be maintained or increased.

Finally, they should Pursuant to the Fair Price Scheme or price agreements for the local market established in this regard by the Secretary of Commerce.


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