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They make him a roach. Johanna San Miguel Y Carlos Carlin They “fired” again Latin Television For airing a successful series ‘Pataclown’ And they should not be paid their due royalty. Through a video, the popular ‘Kyuga’ and ‘Tony’ mocked the TV channel and announced that they would finally get their money.

Today they started paying us and we are very happy. Carlin, they’re going past the Bataclan starting today. Yee, good”, begins Johanna San Miguel amidst laughter. It is worth noting that there is still no news that the actors will be paid royalties.

With that in mind, Carlin joked comparing the Bataclan to the historical series ‘My Little Wonder’, which has been airing in Latin America for years.

“What a straw, from today they start paying us. Lastly, we have Mr. We’re going to be like Ted Lawson“, he added.

“Wendy, Monchi, Kachin, Gonzi, you and I get ready As of today, they’re showing the Bataclan in Latin, so we’re going to (get) our little money that suits us.”, emphasized the current host of ‘Esto S Guevara’.

TROME | Johanna San Miguel and Carlos Carlin tease the Latina

Carlos Carlin pissed off with a Latina

Carlos Carlin He criticized Latina’s reaction to artists demanding their royalties. “They made a statement. They washed their hands in a very stupid way as they threw the ball at Interatice, it does a good job. They know they owe it to Interartis”, he said furiously.

Additionally, he also assured that they are not putting pressure on the channel with their claims. “We gave royalties and only joked and mocked them…they were beaten by paying them…what the hell”, was added.

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