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Warner Bros. Pictures' “Joker” (2019), the Oscar-winning film for actor Joaquin Phoenix, earned more than $1 billion at the box office. According to reports from YouTube users about the “Joker: Folly a Deux” official trailer, which also featured Lady Gaga, the sequel will be released in a few months to great anticipation from the public. As Harley Quinn.

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2019's “Joker” is directed by Todd Phillips, who returns to helm the sequel to the story of the misunderstood Arthur Fleck, a mentally ill and marginalized man who is the iconic Batman villain 'Joker'. The drama revolves around the toxic romance between him and Harley Quinn, who is remembered from the comics as psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel in the 2024 sequel.

“Joker: Folly a Deux” Trailer

Fans of the Joker, known by his Spanish name, got to see the trailer in person as it aired at the CinemaCon film and series convention in Las Vegas. Warner Bros. Pictures hosted a panel where there were various people to comment on the first look at the story. Likewise, progress can be seen on social networks from 8:30 pm (prime time).

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The title of “Joker: Folie à Deux”.

The film will hit theaters from October 4. It has crossed various international competitions like Venice Film Festival, Toronto and San Sebastián and is coming to theaters.

Check out when the first trailer of Joker 2: Folie à Deux will be released.

Warner Bros. Pictures has been doing the trick since earlier this year, showing the first photos of the film. Additionally, a portion of the trailer was released today where Phoenix tears up as she endures the rain that falls on her and facilities like a correctional facility.

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More details on “Joker: Folie à Deux”.

The first 'Joker' was a box office hit Collected $1,078 million at the global box office and won several awards at at least 10 festivals, it was a stunning drama, the new proposal from Warner Bros. Pictures and Todd Phillips comes with a change in the cinematic genre: the film is a musical, which features the performance and voice of 12-time Grammy Award-winning singer Lady Gaga. honoring

Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga, Guazon and Harley Quinn in “Joker: Folly a Deux.”

In the first film, Arthur Fleck finds an open window in his pain to become a darker character. In a dramatic storyline that includes scenes set to music with well-known pieces such as “That's Entertainment” from the film “Toast to Love 1955” (1953), the Joker joins his girlfriend and grieves.

Elenko from “Joker: Folly a Deux”.

  • Joaquin Phoenix (Arthur Fleck)
  • Lady Gaga (Harleen Quinzel or Harley Quinn)
  • Jazzy Beats (Sophie Dumont)
  • Jacob Lofland
  • Brendan Gleeson
  • Lee Gill (Carrie)
  • Steven Coogan
  • Ken Leung
  • Harry Lottie
  • Sharon Washington (Social Worker)

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