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On the morning of October 11, 2023, the Rodriguez clan received an unfortunate news, as one of its members is missing, we refer to Juan Jose Rodriguez, who is said to be the illegitimate son of the famous singer. Jose Luis ‘El Puma’ Rodriguez. They are half-sisters, Lilibeth and Liliana MorilloThose who announced the sad loss on their respective social networks.

Although the translator of “I Shall Weep for You” always avoids mentioning him, many claim that they are the same; Because of this, we tell you what he died for and who he is known as ‘El Puma Junior’.

Many point out that it is similar to El Puma Rodriguez (Photo: Juan Jose Rodriguez / Instagram).

What did Juan Jose Rodríguez die of?

As we mentioned above, Lilibeth and Liliana Morillo posted a clip with several photos with their Venezuelan son, who they noted was not in Pereira, Colombia.. They have said the same The cause of his death is still unknown.So everything is under investigation. “We humbly ask for due respect during this difficult time that we as a family are going through. “We honor your life and your memory, our beloved Juan Jose Puma Jr!”It reads.

In the video uploaded by the duo, they also address him and only their voices can be heard: Dear brother of my heart, I can now say that I know what it is to have a brother. You were and always will be the best version of Rodríguez and we are going to miss you so much. There were a lot of things left to do, my favorite wind chaser, I’m going to finish them for you..

“And I, dear brother of my heart, am going to finish them for you. You left as a surprise because it was you, you always came as a surprise to brighten our lives. Your tenacity, your smile, your love, your endless source of strength, made me see the man you were. Today I thank you for teaching me so much through your love and humility, and may your sweet, soft and sweet voice sing praises to our God forever and ever; Our singing and flying high-loving Puma JrThey end.

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Who is ‘El Puma Junior’?

Juan Jose Rodriguez or simply ‘El Puma Jr.’ He is said to be the illegitimate son of Jose Luis Rodriguez. He died on October 11, 2023 at the age of 53 in Columbia for reasons still unknown. He was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and was as dedicated to music as he was a popular artist, being a singer and producer..

He announced it in 2018 He was raised by the “Dueno de Nada” singer’s mother., It was she who gave him the nickname ‘Bhumita’ as a child.. Apart from that, he also said that he has a good relationship with his first wife, Venezuelan singer Leila Morillo, and his daughters, Liliana and Lilibeth. The following year, 2019, in the Dominican project “SOS Hoy”, he mentioned its appearance: “Legally I have a last name, I am an uncle, Osvaldo Rodríguez, recognized by his brother”.

He also ventured into the music industry (Photo: Juan Jose Rodriguez / Instagram)

Juan Jose Rodriguez reveals what he has 35 years of singing careerIt is reflected in the publications that he has posted on his Instagram account, where he has sung various songs and received applause from the people.

From there he also became an entrepreneur He owns a wine brand called El Puma Junior WinesPublica .

What did Jose Luis ‘El Puma’ Rodríguez say about his alleged son?

In 1995, singer José Luis ‘El Puma’ Rodríguez mentioned Juan José in an interview for El Tiempo de Colombia. On that occasion he indicated that his brother Oswaldo had approved “that guy”.

“That boy is my brother’s son in Venezuela, my brother Osvaldo is a very kind man” Then he promised.

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“It makes me happy if he is part of the family. If my brother recognizes him, it means he has a last name.”, he pointed out.

More information about ‘El Puma Junior’ and Jose Luis Rodriguez

Was Juan Jose Rodriguez threatened?

Before he died, Juan Jose RodriguezAlso known as ‘Puma Jr.’, was revealed, as reported by the portal StarsReceived death threats.

At the same point, ABC pointed out that Juan JosePuma Jr.” He had mentioned that he was the singer’s son and he had strong proof of it. The above mentioned media also say.Puma Jr.’ He wrote letters to two people and left, threatening to kill him if anything happened to him. More details here.

Who is the mother of Juan Jose Rodriguez?

The missing singer Juan Jose Rodriguez always said he was the son of Jose Luis Rodriguez., which earned him quite a few names in the media over the years. Every time they asked him, he had no problem saying it because he was sure of it.

Regarding the mother, the topic is not widely discussed, so if you want to know more Enter here.

Review of “El Puma” by José Luis Rodríguez After the death of Juan José, his illegitimate son

Two days after the news of the death of Juan Jose, “El Puma” made an interesting publication on his Instagram account, but it was not about that topic that had caused so much interest in his community, but about another topic. the world What is it about? Enter here to find out.

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Watch ‘El Puma Jr’ perform live here

Personal information of Jose Luis Rodríguez

  • Nickname: Puma
  • Birthday: January 14
  • Year of Birth: 1943
  • birth place: Caracas Venezuela)
  • Age: 80 years
  • Occupation: Singer, businessman
  • Parents: Jose Antonio Rodriguez and Hannah Gonzalez
  • Spouses: Lila Morillo (1966 – 1986) and Carolina Perez (married 1996)
  • Children: 3 (Liliana Rodriguez, Lilibeth Rodriguez and Genesis Rodriguez)
  • siblings: 10

Discography of José Luis Rodríguez

  • 1961 – “Los Ceppi” (Gramco Records, Venezuela)
  • 1962 – “Hits de los Seppi” (Hit Parade Records, Venezuela)
  • 1962 – “Celic Sarabia Presents His New Voice: Jose Luis Rodriguez” (Velvet, Venezuela)

Who are the daughters of “El Puma”?

Singer José Luis Rodríguez’s two eldest daughters, Lilibeth and Liliana Rodríguez, were born as a result of his first marriage to Lila Morillo, which lasted 20 years. After his divorce, he married Carolina Perez and had his youngest daughter, Genesis. The creation of a new family did not go well with the Rodriguez-Morillo sisters. More details here.

Why doesn’t Jose Luis ‘El Puma’ Rodriguez talk to his eldest daughters?

For the artist, his relationship with his current wife and his youngest daughter was the beginning of a family conflict. promised ‘El Puma’ Liliana and Lilibeth Rodriguez They attacked his wife, Carolina Perez, and his younger daughter, Genesis, and for this reason he distanced himself from his older first-born daughters. More details here.

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