Juan Pablo Verillas and the most important challenge in history: Roland Garros to face Novak Djokovic in 2023 | Round 16 French Open | Game-Total

When your feet don’t leave the 14th court of the Parisian complex, take a deep breath, look around -or if you want to close your eyes-, feel the energy of dozens of Peruvians singing against everyone, cheering non-stop. And in front of the bustling Polish bar and they will cheer you on until the end and if possible, the fans will play too, they will give you the little push you need to overcome this enormous challenge. So it measures almost two meters. John Paul Verilas He defeated Hubert Hurkacz in five sets to reach the fourth round of Roland Garros.

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Now you know it’s real. What did you win on Monday, Wednesday and Friday? You have entered the second week of the competition. First if it’s a major hit Chinese Shang promiseThen came another marathon victory against Baptist Aug (ranked #19 in the tournament). Despite the cramps, you kept at it and on Thursday you played the doubles and gave it your all together with your Brazilian partner Montero, even though it didn’t work as expected. It was time for another stellar show on Friday. Hubert Hurcox, a Pole who knew how to be in the top 10 of the rankings two years ago. There, again, is Juan Pablo Verilas. Saying that Peru is returning to the elite to make us dream again.

It was a battle that lasted more than three hours, in which the Peruvian managed to turn around a disadvantageous marker (once again) and come out on top. Never mind your opponent’s infernal forehand, his almost 2 meter height and that first serve that comes out like a missile. On each return, forehand or backhand, ‘Juanbi’ was able to shake hands with the Poles And start competing. Down 6-3 in the first, they rallied back in the second set. He won the third in a convincing tie-break and then, when it looked as if Hurcox had clawed his way back into the game to take the fourth set, Juanpi again took the initiative to break Bolin’s serve in a crucial game. Fifth set.. ‘Juanbi’ went 5-2 up with a break and served to seal the win in almost 4 hours.

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It was Verilas and his toughness at the back of the field, it was his right hand, it could have been hell and a dagger in Hurcox, winning the war against the Poles in the stands was the Peruvian people, all of us, who waited for the game to start at 9, or 10, or 11 in the morning, every minute. Worth the wait.

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Now, the most important date against the biggest rival: 22 Grand Slam titles, 38 Masters 1000s And dozens of trophies. Deadlock now Novak Djokovic and assumes The most important tournament in Peruvian tennis history. What rods did you accomplish? Yes, it’s been a while, and this year 2023 will be memorable for all it’s accomplishing—and missing. But in front of every seemingly invincible enemy, why do you believe that everything will end tomorrow when ‘Juanbi’ appears and defeats him. Tomorrow Varillas has a meeting with history. That story may be the most beautiful of all. With everything, Juan Pablo!

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