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Kimberly Loaiza and JD Pantoja are coming to Peru with the “Be Bye Tour”. Photo: Composite LR/Fabrizio Oviedo/Instagram/Dissemination/Infobae

Kimberly Loisa Y John of God Pantoja They were one of the couples who came out Network light Now more integrated. They have been in a relationship for years. As a result of their love, two children were born, who accompany them to every concert. Apart from content creators, they are also singers. This 2023, they started with their tour “Bye Bye Tour”, The same country that goes to Venezuela, Colombia, Guatemala, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Peru. But what do you know about his concert in Lima? Find out all the details in the following note.

Kimberly Loaiza: Live in Concert in Peru

It’s already in Lima!

Through social networks, Kimberly Loisa announced that she was already on Peruvian soil. He shared a video showing some of the city’s streets and added the message, “How beautiful Lima, Peru.”

When is the Kimberly Loaiza concert?

Kimberly Loisa is expected to arrive in the country on June 3, with the same concert planned in Lima. The singer will be accompanied by his partner Juan de Dios Pantoja.

When is Kimberly Loisa coming to Peru?

Kimberly Loisa Arriving in Peru next JD Pantoja This month to present an extraordinary program in part “Bye Bye Tour”, will take place June 3, 2023. As far as is known, this was the last time the pair would perform their biggest hits on the same stage, especially in Peruvian territory.

Kimberly Loisa and JD Pantoja’s “Bye Bye Tour” Dates Photo: Instagram

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Where will the Kimberly Loisa concert be held?

‘s concert Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja It will be held this Saturday June 3 at Arena 1, Located at Cto. Beaches of San Miguel District. Content creators promise to deliver quality programming to their loyal fans Peru.

Kimberly Loaiza in Peru: Ticket Price

Kimberly Loaiza and JD Pantoja They will be presented on June 3 at Arena 1. Next, we will show you the ticket price list according to the available zones. It should be noted that tickets are not available for Gold and Silver categories as they are sold out.

  • DIAMANTE – S/310.00
  • Platino – S/199,00
  • Gold – S/120.00 (Sold)
  • Silver – S/80.00 (Sold)

Reference image of Kimberly Loaiza and JD Pantoja in concert. Photo: Bassline

When did Kimberly Loisa come to Peru?

Kimberly Loaiza and JD Pantoja landed Peru After giving a full show in Chile this June 1. The influencer took to his Instagram account to share what the reception was like from his Peruvian fans.

Among the most popular songs Kimberly Loisa, According to his Spotify profile, we found the following:

  • “pious”
  • “Don’t Be Jealous”
  • “After 12”
  • “You Lost Me”
  • “Kitty”

Who are Kimberly Loaiza and JD Pantoja?

Kimberly Loisa and JD de Pantoja They are two YouTubers who started out as content creators in 2013. Amid many ups and downs in their relationship, they both settled down and got married in 2020. The event was celebrated by a large number of their followers. They have two children, a girl and a boy. Currently, they are on a world tour with them “Bye Bye Tour”.

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