“We don’t have electricity, but everything will come”

What book are you reading these days?

The Engineers of Chaos, by Giuliano da Empoli.

What makes you quit reading a book?

bored Prediction.

Which real or fictional character would you like to have coffee with tomorrow?

Gone is Sam Spade.

Do you remember the first book you read?

Corazon by Edmundo de Amicis… I remember confirming my love for reading. Three researchers.

What is your reading habit: is it tablet, paper, do you read in the morning, at night…?

During the week of my paper work, I studied mostly on public transport. Then on weekends.

Tell us about a cultural experience that changed the way you look at life.

I went to see eyesight, with Albertial, Maria Caceres, Lali Soldevila, José Mª Prada, to the Chancellor of Zaragoza. Must have been in 76, I’m small. I didn’t like it, maybe I didn’t understand it, but it was exciting to see the theater audience celebrating independence.

What surprises and improvements does this fair offer us?

A giant brain, booths in the center (different) and a different distribution of canopies to cool down the heat. More than 400 activities include a Spain-Germany football match, a concert by Nick Lagardeja or a tribute to Lola Flores. And science, lots of science.

What project have you not yet been able to implement, but you do not want to give up?

Remove the two generators we have to introduce in a protected place like El Retiro, as we have no electricity. But everything will come.

Did you expect bibliodiverse publishers to protest your absence?

There is debate about having small publishers at the exhibition, which is held in a protected environment with limited space. But this publication has more than a thousand publishers, either at its own booth or at the booth of distributors, societies and associations. If it isn’t biblical diversity…

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And who is going to pay tribute?

For Francisco Ibáñez, for Raul Guerra Garrido, for Carmen Martin Gaite.

In what sense is this version going to be more cinematic than before?

Because I hope we go to the movies! And, best of all, as books become movies and series, more readers are moving from screens to print. Or vice versa. We want to encourage that traffic.

More intersectional?

A cross-section of the exhibition is presented by its source material. As the song says, everything is in the books. And to those who read them.

A year ago, it strengthened ties with other book fairs across Spain. With what results?

We have established good personal relations and exchange experiences, which helps to improve.

Do you understand, are you excited about contemporary art?

I agree no…

Which artist would you like to work at home with?

Ilya Repin. I lived in Russia for three years and he painted it like no other.

Are you hooked on any TV series?

few. last, A spy among friends: Good story, good setting, good acting.

Is criticism of your management important to you? Does this help you?

Of course it works! All that remains are insults and baseless disqualifications.

Do you like Spain? Tell us your reasons.

I love it, I lived abroad and it taught me to appreciate what we have. And don’t overdo it.

Suggest an action to improve our cultural status.

Improve the quality of education.

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