'Kindle' technology to watch movies on a larger scale

Already at CES in Las Vegas, TCL presented its new NXTPAPER 3.0 technology, which above all does not create visual fatigue due to its matte screen. This is one of its best points, so soon, precisely in the second half of the year, Launch the 14.3-inch TCL NXTPAPER With 2.4K resolution.

EL ESPAÑOL – At El Androide Libre, we had the opportunity to test on site at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to enjoy a practically matte screen. A physical button can be switched to its two best modes: Monocolor mode is similar to an eReader or a watered one, which distorts colors to make your viewing experience more comfortable.

It is a pill Its screen stands out greatly And in its version 3.0 a special technology called NXTPAPER. It's very similar to Amazon's well-known eReaders with its Kindle, but with the big difference that they can be converted in seconds, so that it goes from being a regular tablet (albeit with that matte touch) to a reader. There was electronic ink.

Image of TCL Tablet eReader mode


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TCL is showing it off at MWC, but hasn't given a price yet for the European or Spanish market Maybe closer to 399 euros. Apart from the screen, it has more interesting specifications like its 8GB RAM, 256GB internal memory and MediaTek MT8781V/NA chip, which is found in Samsung's Galaxy Tab A9 in a similar variant.

Of course, this is a great tablet for playing multimedia content and it has four speakers for a great sound experience. She's not short on cameras, either It's amazing with two fronts of 13 megapixels and 5 megapixels. The camera is at 8 Mpx at the back with an AI printed circular module indicating its presence of artificial intelligence.

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Water mode of TCL tablet


Free Android

TCL continues to play around with the custom layer, which doesn't make any changes to the system at all, but still gives you the option to use some of its widgets to discover content. Android version is 14 and you can achieve this Capacity: 10,000 mAh. Its autonomy clearly stands out for enjoying multimedia content in tablet mode or switching to eReader mode, which, thanks to its matte screen, avoids visual fatigue as much as possible.

Eye fatigue will disappear

Our first impressions should make it clear that when one's eyes rest on the TCL NXTPAPER 14 at MWC, one passes through several screens of smartphones, tablets or laptops from various manufacturers. The eyes feel restedSo in this sense it is a powerful attention grabbing device.

This is what the next TCL tablet will look like

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The same thing happens Monocolor mode leaves the screen like a Kindle-type eReader Enjoy e-books for pleasure, or simply take notes or, why not, enjoy a different web browsing experience than usual.

He Hydrated mode also produces some degree of satisfaction Colors will be a wearable tablet to enjoy tasks done with another tablet. Switching between the three modes, normal, e-reader or smooth, is as simple as clicking the physical button on the top right of the tablet. Long press and an icon will appear informing you to switch to eReader mode.

and by providing a 2,400 x 1,600 pixels resolution, everything created on the screen is very clear to enjoy a tablet that stands out completely in this aspect. Now we have to wait for its announcement in the second half of this year, so we have to pay attention to the price for the TCL NXTPAPER 14, which will arrive in the Spanish market in the second half of this year.

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