Lady Cammons defended the Speaker of Congress, who accepted the bill she raised to archive her legal case.

Member of the Legislature of Alianza Para el Progreso, Lady Cammonspointed out that Alexander Soto Reyes Who has faced legal proceedings for the crime of fraud and general perjury – not benefiting from Act No. 31751; However, this statement is incorrect.

Chairman of the Congressional Subcommittee on Constitutional Impeachment, Lady Cammons (Alliance for Progress), defended the Speaker of Parliament, Alexander Soto ReyesA few days ago he escaped judicial punishment for the crime of forgery and general perjury.

The lawmaker pointed out that the complaint filed by the Wayanapichu Tourist Transport Company against Soto Reyes “was suggested long before he was a congressman.” However, Cammons’ statement is incorrect. In November 2019, Judge Reynaldo Ochoa Munoz announced the dismissal and the appeal filed by the holder of the drug. Parliament; But, in January 2020, the First Criminal Appeal Court of Cuzco That decision was overturned.

However, the APP MP insisted on an interview with the programme Know everything of RPPTV His bench colleague did not benefit from “Act No. 31751” “as seen”, the same provision. Soto Reyes It voted for its approval last May He received it in July this year Magistrate Judge Carlos Roman Gil has to declare a time limit on the legal cases against him.

Complaint against Alejandro Soto

But what were the charges he faced? Alejandro Soto? Wainapichu reprimanded him for not drafting the company’s bylaws when he was working as the company’s legal advisor, despite being paid S/20,000.

According to the newspaper Republic, another complaint related to the sale of a property to the said company. Chairman of Parliament In April 2012, he purchased a 640-meter plot of land located between the communities of Aymarca and Pumamarca in the district of San Sebastián (Cusco Region) for US$5,000. Months later, hiding that it was his property, he sold it to the company he worked for, but it was worth US$ 250,000.

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Camones Soriano – Who He was censured as Congress president in September 2022 after some audios went viral Integrates with Cesar AgunaThe president of Alianza Para el Progreso indicated that the declaration of a bill benefiting the then candidate for the regional government of La Libertad – and the appointment of Alejandro Soto Reyes to the board of directors of the Congress – was a “decision”. The party and bench of Alianza Para El Progresso alleged that, at the time, they were not aware of the questions against their colleague.

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