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actress Laly Goyzueta He does not hide his 54 years because they are a reflection of the path traveled and learned. They didn’t make her fall in love with a piece of jewelry, and she didn’t hesitate to get the latest generation iPhone. Married for 18 years, she says the best thing to do is keep the ‘flame of love’ lit by each taking their own place.

Lolly, aren’t you one of those women who demeans herself or hides her age?

Oh, how lazy. I feel happy My age is a reflection of the path that has made me a better person.

Lally Koizueta in Drom agreed.

You have a solid relationship with Mariano, how many years have you been married?

We’ve been married for 18 years in May, but it’s been more or less 20 if we’ve been together.

Like all relationships, have they gone through their ups and downs?

Yes, but there was always a compromise. We never thought of ‘throwing it to pieces’, we always said ‘let’s go ahead’.. We’re guys on the road.

Many couples get married now and if it doesn’t work out, they divorce because of it…

Correct. We believe in the relationship and everything we create together. Not everything is perfect and there are times when you have to settle.

How to light the flame of love?

We give each other our space. Mariano has his place and I have my friends who I go out with even for a coffee or a laugh. We are not together all day.

Want details?

We are practical rather than romantic. But in our practice we have our codes. We enjoy doing things together like going out to dinner and movies. We like simple things.

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Not expecting a Louis Vuitton wallet as a gift?

No way, you won’t beat me with that, not in this life, ha ha ha…

Laly Goyzueta prefers a daisy to a jewel from the garden

Want to deliver stuffed animals and roses?

I prefer to give a daisy from the garden rather than jewelry. Didn’t catch my attention.

I don’t believe you…

It didn’t move my hair. I mean, I’m grateful that if they give me something, it’s with love. But still I won’t die if I don’t give you a ring with that many carats or a purse of that brand. I don’t regret not having the latest generation iPhone.

Do they still call you ‘the most beautiful legs on TV’?

Ha, ha, ha… yes, imagine, all these years. When I tell my 16-year-old son, he says ‘Mom’ and bursts out laughing because I told him I went out in a miniskirt and ate my beef with galatas.

But you still have traction…

True, yes, but because I am married, people respect me and they don’t come and say anything bad to me. Also, I think my husband is a bit big and intimidates them, ha ha ha.

Would you let someone tell you what you can or can’t wear?

There is no alternative. I wear those short dresses, not as short as before. Now I wear what looks good on me.

Have you been in a toxic relationship?

As a child, of course I had toxic relationships. In the sense of not respecting me, not giving me my place. Over the years I have developed my defenses and assessed myself.

Is it a long road?

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Yes definitely. In my case I have to thank God that Mariano came into my life and added a lot to me in that aspect.

Will you forgive betrayal?

What happened? how was it What is the general situation? I couldn’t say yes or no.

Are you jealous?

not at all. Imagine Mariano standing in gyms with lots of beautiful girls, I can’t live, I’m dying.

Wouldn’t it bother you if Mariano ‘liked’ photos of showbiz girls?

not at all. It doesn’t bother me, except that he’s him and I’m me. I never notice if I like someone and it’s amazing.

Do you have passwords for your husband’s phone or social networks?

I don’t know anything, I don’t even know the password to his phone and I’m not interested. I think we should always maintain our distance from each other.

Laly Goyzueta has also eaten at ‘los agachaditos’

Have you eaten at ‘Los Agachaditos’?

A thousand times. In my market in Magdalena, I feel my elements, and every time I can I eat a cepicito, my caldito de coros, something delicious there.

‘Luz de Luna 3’ is already in its final stages, how did you feel about this season?

Happy, thank you to the character (Patricia) who allowed me to reconnect with those feelings. Patricia is a woman and life has not been easy for her. She’s trying to get her son back, not get him back for her, but get him back as a person. I find it very moving, he’s a character who comes one way and goes another.

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