League 1 | Champion with Universitario targets Leo Butron for criticism: “Don't let him talk lame…”

Leo Butron has promised referees will support Universitario de Deportes in Ligue 1. However, a former merengue player disputed this theory.

Leo Butron produced an immediate response with two-time champions Universitario. | Photo: University – Things are happening

Leo Butron continues to be controversial with his comments regarding Ligue 1 2024. For the former Alianza Lima goalkeeper, The University of Sports has an “admiration”. It hurts other clubs. Faced with this situation, a national champion with the cream team responded forcefully.

Carlos Orezuela, who remembers, showed himself in the show “La Pelodita Parada” via YouTube Leo rages against Budron and responds to his harsh accusation Against the painting of Aet. For the former Peruvian forward, the goalkeeper has to provide evidence against the version he dictates.

“Leo? Leo can't talk about 'U', can't talk about VAR, Can't say we're tainting the century, you're speechlessAnd one day he hit me in the face and I'm up here. Stop talking about “U” and you don't have to do anythingCarlos Orejuela pointed out what Leo Butron said.

On the other hand, Orejuela responded energetically to a player with a past at Alianza Lima: “He can say whatever he wants or wants, but I'm not going to say or smear, “Well, he wins, it's better not to play, because VAR helps the “U”, that's what he's talking about. Words to be confirmed.”

In which years did Carlos Orejuela become champion with Universitario?

Carlos Orejuela is a self-confessed fan of the Universitario de Deportes He also had the chance to win the championship twice with the team, first in 2000 and second in 2009.

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