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Watch the broadcast of the match between Millonarios vs. On Monday, August 21, BetPlay League’s finals will be live on Caldas Online at 6 p.m.


Once Caldas

Once the millionaires confronted Caldas. | Photo: Millionaires.


Once Caldas sent out his starting eleven

Caldas will be formed like this: Chaux, Riquett, Torijano, Correa, Cuesta, Montaño, Pérez, García, Arce, Moreno and Lemos.


The Millionaires fielded their starting eleven

This is how the millionaires will be made: Montero, Bertel, Vargas, Linas, Sander Navarro, Vasquez, Giraldo, Caetano, Silva, Ruiz and Castro.

Millionaires Vs. Once Caldas Live is from today Monday August 21st El Campin StadiumClausura 2023 will be held in Bogotá, Colombia for Day 6 of the tournament. LigaBetPlay. The match will start at 7:00 PM in Peru and Colombia with live coverage. Win the game. In addition, with newspaper minute by minute you can follow all the incidents online for free and see the goals immediately.

Millionaires Vs. Once Caldas Live: Minute by Minute

45′ End of the first half

The first half ended and Millonarios won with an own goal from Andres Correa.

Sander Navarro attempted to put in a cross for Millonarios, but Andres Correa intercepted it and headed the ball into his own goal.

David Silva fell in Once Caldas’ area, but the referee deemed he had tripped himself, and indeed, it could be verified on replay.

38 & # 39; Millionaires are looking for the right thing

The local team has tried several times to enter the contest area from the right, and each time it does well.

36′ First corner kick

Millonarios had the first corner of the game but missed it and the ball went wide.

A few mistakes kept the game from playing well, but neither side had much idea.

31′ New attempt fails

Juan Cuesta hits him from outside but goes wide.

Neither team dares to create something different, and the fight is reduced to passes and shots from distance.

Andres Correa received a strong stomp from Leonardo Castro, who ended up picking up a yellow.

Juan Cuesta receives a long pass and starts to run, but he doesn’t reach it and it’s a goal kick for Millonarios.

21 & # 39; A large domain of millionaires

Millonarios dominates the ball more but fails to create a clear chance to score.

Yellow card to Daniel Ruiz for a hard challenge on Juan Cuesta.

Caldas once entered the area and even demanded a penalty, but finally the referee says there is none.

12′ Millionaires Attempt

Daniel Ruiz put in a nice pass to Leonardo Castro and the Millonarios attacker took a hard shot but the ball went past the defender.

10′ Good match by Ones Caldas

A perfect start by Albos, striking and orderly at times.

David Lemos was brought down, but the referee didn’t get a yellow card.

The Colombians pressed and tried to convert the first play, but the Caldas defense sent the ball to the side.

3′ Once Caldas moves the ball

Vijay moves in his field and sometimes tries to project himself in the field of competition.

The ball is already in motion at El Campan in Bogotá.

Once Caldas sent out his starting eleven

Caldas will be formed like this: Chaux, Riquett, Torijano, Correa, Cuesta, Montaño, Pérez, García, Arce, Moreno and Lemos.

The Millionaires fielded their starting eleven

This is how the millionaires will be made: Montero, Bertel, Vargas, Linas, Sander Navarro, Vasquez, Giraldo, Caetano, Silva, Ruiz and Castro.

Millionaires came to El Campan

Millonarios posted pictures of their arrival at the stadium to face Once Caldos.

Millionaires get excited shortly after the game

The millionaires released the following message: “We are ready in the north dressing room of El Campan to receive our team.”

Ones Caldas’ last matches

Last five matches of Once Caldos:

Once Caldas 1-0 Deportivo Pereira

Golden Eagles 2-1 times Caldas

Once Caldas 4-0 Deportivo Galle

Dolima 3-1 times Caldas

Once Caldas 1-1 Atletico Nacional

Millionaires show off their track record

Millonarios posted a picture with a match history against Once Caldas: 88 wins, 67 draws and 55 losses.

Millionaires FC will have two casualties today

According to the medical results, “Steven Vega suffered a fracture of the distal radius of his right hand. For his part, Juan Carlos Pereira presents with a pubitis. He is already in rehabilitation”

Last Matches of Millionaires

Their last five games are:

Bucaramanga 0-0 Millionaires (Colombia Cup)

Jaguars 2-0 Millionaires (BetPlay League)

Millionaires 3-1 Bucaramanga (Colombia Cup)

Millionaires 1-0 Dolima (BetPlay League)

Zaragoza 1-2 Millionaires (Friendly)

Last conflicts between millionaires. Once Caldas

In the last 20 meetings between the two clubs, Millonarios 10, Caldas 6 once, and equalized 4 times. However, the last two games have been in favor of the Whites, 1-0 this season and 2-1 last year.

Once Caldas sent an emotional message

“Today our soul team plays,” the 2004 Copa Libertadores champion posted on his social networks.

Millionaires and their sentimental message

“It’s pure love, a religion. All painted blue and white. My heart is there,” he shared on his social media.

Alberto Camaro talks about the match against Atletico Bucaramanga

“We were going with an advantage, we didn’t see how to hide, you look at the alignment and the structure, we came looking for the game. Bucaramanga needed more, but it was back and forth. Both teams were. ,” said Didi.

Once Caldas was invited

Ones Caldas’ list for this fight against the Millonarios, date 6.

What time are you playing against millionaires? Once Caldas?

The match will be played at 7:00pm at El Campan. As you may remember, this commitment changed your schedule.

Calling millionaires

List of players called up by Coach Camaro for the fight against Once Caldas.

What’s up with Juan Carlos Pereira?

In the medical report, Millonarios reported that Juan Carlos Pereira has pubitis. “It’s already in the process of being rehabilitated,” they explained.

Steven Vega’s medical report

Through their social networks, Millonarios Steven Vega reported that he suffered a fracture of the distal radius of his right hand.

Where to look against millionaires. Once Caldas?

Millionaires play against Once Caldas. The thrilling match will be televised live across the Colombian territory by Win Sports.

Welcome to Millionaires vs coverage. Once Caldas!

Today, Monday August 21, we will enjoy an exciting match at El Campan. Review all the details of the competition.

The Blues come into this clash motivated after progressing to the quarter-finals of the Copa Colombia. This fact allows the team to be excited about coming into the BetPlay League, where they are recording only one win in the 5 games they have played.

Millonarios’ only win was recorded in Clausura Date 4, when they beat Deportes Tolima 1-0. After that, the blue cast has two draws and two losses, which puts it in the fifteenth box with 5 units.

Millonarios announced a fight against Once Caldas.

For its part, Caldas managed to add their second win in the Clausura after defeating Deportivo Pereira 1-0. The arrival spared players for the Copa Libertadores clash, and the Whites took advantage to climb up the rankings.

Now, the tricolor is in the eighth box of the closing match of the BetPlay League with 7 units, and currently, the Colombian has qualified for the home run of the tournament.

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What time do Millonarios vs Once Caldas play today?

This BetPlay League match is taking place Monday, August 21 starting with 7:00 PM local time. Know the table for different countries of the world:

Countries Tables
Mexico 18:00 hrs
Peru, Ecuador, Colombia 7:00 p.m
Bolivia, Venezuela, Paraguay, USA, Chile 20:00 hrs
Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay 21:00 hrs

Where to watch Millionaires vs Ones Caldas live?

fight between Millionaires vs Ones Caldos live and streaming on Win Sports For the entire Colombian territory.

  • Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Spain, Venezuela: RCN Nuestra Tele
  • Colombia: Win Sports+, RCN Nuestra Tele, Win Sports Online
  • Mexico: ViX, Fanatiz Mexico, RCN Nuestra Tele
  • United States: ViX, RCN Nuestra Tele

How to watch Millionaires vs Ones Caldas live on Win Sports Online?

  • DirecTV: Channel 633 (SD), Channel 1633 (HD), Channel 643 (Alterno SD), Channel 1643 (Alterno HD)
  • Claro TV: Channel 521
  • Movistar TV: Channel 496 (SD), Channel 895 (HD)
  • Deco: Channel 240 (HD)

How do millionaires come about?

The Millionaires are coming off a Colombia Cup clash against Atlético Bucaramanga. The Blues drew 0-0 at home, but 1-3 on the road saw them book their place in the quarter-finals.

As for the BetPlay league, Millonarios will be hoping to resume their winning ways in this match after losing 2-0 to Jaguares de Córdoba.

How did Caldas arrive?

Deportivo beat Pereira 1-0 as Caldas turned their attention to the Betplay League. The white box climbed into the eighth box with seven units and is partially in home run territory.

Nemecio Camacho Stadium ‘El Camp’

The match between Millonarios vs Once Caldas is held at the Nemesio Camacho El Campín stadium, which has a capacity of 39 thousand spectators.

The last match between Millonarios vs One Caldas

The last match between the two teams took place on February 26, 2023 with Once Caldas winning 1-0 against Millonarios in the opening match of BetPlay League 6. Moreno’s work is the goal.

Millionaires vs Ones Caldas: Rows

Billionaires: Alvaro Montero; Sander Navarro, Andrés Llinás, Juan Pablo Vargas, Omar Bertel; Daniel Giraldo, David Silva, Steven Vega; Daniel Catano, Daniel Ruiz and Leonardo Castro. DD: Alberto Camaro.

Once Caldas: Edder Socks; Finer Torijano, Andres Correa, Jorge Cardona, Lader Moran; Luis Perez, Yeller Valencia; Alejandro Garcia, David Lemos, Sherman Cardenas and Dario Moreno. DT: Pedro Sarmiento.

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