Leysi Suárez differs from other 'America Hoy' hosts: “My identity is real”

Lacy Suarez is different from the other hosts of 'America Hoy'. (Composite: Infobae)

Strong notifications. On February 5, sample Solve Suarez He was introduced as the new host of the show 'America Today' In its new season. His presentation took place in the middle of an interview with Christian Dominguez after his betrayal.

In an interview with a reputable media outlet, Suarez revealed that he was initially not interested in participating in an entertainment show. However, she explains that her opinion has changed since she shares it with Ethel Bozo, Janet Barbosa, Brunella Horna and Edson Dávila.

“We have been talking about it since last year. I worked with GV with El Gran Show and I always went to America Hoy, it was a very cool and spicy program. In the beginning I didn't want to be on an agenda,” the presenter initially told Trome.

Lacy Suarez is different from the other hosts of 'America Hoy'.

For its part, Solve Suarez She shared that she feels a special connection with mothers. As she walks down the street, there are many women who greet her and come to talk to her, which she emphasizes in a unique style in this short time run.

“At the end of the day, I feel like the press is more connected to people, mothers cook, they listen to television, they recognize your voice. The market, girls approach me and say, 'I like seeing you, I like your comments, and it helps me say, 'I'm not wrong, there are people who think like me.' My trademark feels authentic“, said.

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At another point in the interview, the host commented that the Arabs complimented her and asked her to take a photo with her horse, then naked with a flag. “Why am I going to feel bad?” “When the flag thing happened to me, it was great because people who had a lot of money and horses hired me to take pictures with their horses. “They were people with a lot of money,” he said.

Lacy Suarez is different from the other hosts of 'America Hoy'.

In November last year, model Lacey Suarez revealed that she was on the verge of forgiving her husband, despite everything she had seen, after seeing Ambe's pictures on 'Maghali TV Law Firm'. His genuine interest in getting her back and his actions suggest that the first incident may have been a mistake.

However, after the second film, the former Alma Bella member confirmed the inevitable: despite the almost 10-year history, she will not resume her relationship with the father of her daughter. According to the model, her best revenge is that he no longer has her, and to this day she tells him: “She and her daughter Victoria are the love of his life.”

“He wanted to separate himself, he told me the girl had a reputation. Everything a man can say. He's with her because I don't want to be with him. He's got the consolation prize because I'm the bigger prize,” he commented.

“I lost my voice, Magali, and I am still receiving treatment for it. I had laryngeal paralysis and still have it to this day. (…) Knowing the whole situation of my home, he does not have the luxury of thinking about his daughter,” she said furiously on that occasion.

Separated couples.

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