Life on Pluto?: A Discovery That Could Change the Scientific Paradigm Forever

In an article published in the journal Icarus, Alex Nguyen, experts confirmed the surprising discovery of life in space.

Pluto. Photo: X

For years, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has pursued space missions Extraterrestrial life Although they reject Pluto as one of their points of analysis, A recent investigation proved that they were wrong.

In an article published in the journal IcarusAlex Nguyen, an expert in Earth, environmental and planetary sciences at the University of Washington, and Patrick McGovern of the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston confirmed this. Pluto has an ocean of liquid waterwhich This may indicate that there is life.

Using mathematical models, experts analyzed the cracks and protuberances present there Sputnik Planitia programs Where is the planet The surface temperature drops to -220 degrees Celsius.

Pluto's Snowy Mountains.  Photo: X Pluto’s Snowy Mountains. Photo: X

Beneath this enormous basin born from the collision, scientists discovered a subterranean ocean. It is It is frozen on top, but inside it is in a liquid state.. In addition, they promised that they could verify their discovery with traces of cryovolcanic activity at high elevations that ejected water and ice.

In 2006, NASA launched the New Horizons program to fly by Pluto and take photographs and measurements. The first images were recorded at a distance of only 12,500 kilometers from the dwarf planet, and at the time researchers determined this. Low temperatures and copious amounts of snow The ones found on the surface, water was impossible, but they were wrong.

Pluto’s icy mountains captured by the New Horizons spacecraft. Video:

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Pluto: NASA discovers vital element for life

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Pluto: NASA discovers vital element for life

Could Pluto be habitable for humans?

Despite Nguyen and MacGoven’s surprising discovery, this dwarf planet lacks the necessary conditions to protect the human race, particularly because Weather conditions are extreme And the temperature reaches -230 degrees Celsius.

Pluto’s atmosphere became Nitrogen, methane and carbon monoxidePrecisely the many elements that contribute to earth degradation and contribute to air pollution, therefore Living things on this planet cannot breathe.

Pluto.  Photo: X Pluto. Photo: X

However, water was discovered to be in liquid form Good news for the scientific communityThis is because it allows new research to be carried out to validate and discover the study New forms of extraterrestrial life In the solar system.

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