Sandy Lesmes Clarifies Whether ‘Arriba Mi Gente’ Will Be Canceled Due to Show Hosted by Brunella Horna

Gisela Valcárcel would have bought shares in the San Felipe Channel, including giving her daughter a show. Additionally, he has more plans in the entertainment area. | TikTok

Shanti Lesmesdriver ‘My people’He broke his silence in the face of speculation that the magazine might be cancelled Latin TV. In a conversation with a local newspaper, the Spanish journalist addressed the rumors unleashed Christian Barrowwho pointed out that Brunella Horna The avenue reaches the canal San Felipe Being the host of a new spot that replaces the current morning spot.

“The world is full of rumours, but we are happy with ‘Arriba Mi Gente’ and we continue to position ourselves as the favorite magazine of Peruvian families. “The comments from the public are very positive and that makes us happy,” revealed the TV presenter at the beginning, who shares the role with the journalist. Fernando Diaz And former beauty queen Maju Mandila.

That’s about the rumors ‘My people’ Will be airing soon Shanti Lesmes For now, he has clarified that. There are no cancellation plans And the program team is focused on continuously providing quality content to its viewers.

‘Arriba Mi Gente’ celebrated two years on air. The magazine airs Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. (Paula Elizalde/Infobae Perú)

“Everything is quiet at the moment, so there is nothing new,” said the Latin TV personality in an interview with Trom newspaper. His statements seek to reassure viewers and refute speculations that have been circulated in recent days.

Rumors about the uncertain future of the show arose after the journalist Christian Barrow According to close sources, Brunella Horna Instead will host a new TV show ‘My people’. According to PeiroThe decision is likely to be fueled by low valuations and the recent acquisition of 30% stake in the popular host channel. Gisela Valcarcel.

Latina Brunella will bet on Horna: ‘Arriba Mi Gente’ will be replaced, reveals Christian Barrow. | Composition/Infobae

In recent weeks, Peruvian television has been abuzz with speculation following the announcement Gisela Valcarcel His departure America TV. Rumors suggest that the legendary presenter may have bought a 30% stake Latin TV Also planning to take hosts of the show.America TodayFor channel 2.

‘America Hoy’ hosts mock rumors of move to Latino TV | America TV

On Monday, June 3, Edson DavilaOne of the presentersAmerica Today‘, he addressed the rumors in the most recent telecast of the show. In an ironic tone, he noted: “And soon [en referencia a su auspiciador] In our new project, little sister, work is work”, and followed Gisela Valcarcel touch the ground.

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These comments from Davila were added to those of his fellow drivers. Ethel Bozo, Brunella Horna Janet Barbosa, who were also the focus of speculation. The blonde looked surprised and commented: “What is the new plan? I don’t know either. Don’t tell me, is what they say true?”, even then he couldn’t help but laugh.

Brunella Horna and her ‘Arriba Mi Gente’ co-hosts mocked rumors of her move to Latin TV.

Curt Villavicencioanchor ‘Everything is filtered‘ has commented on the spreading rumour TikTok about what Gisela Valcarcel would have bought 30% of the shares Latin TV. The popular ‘Metiche’ questioned whether this information was true or if it was an advertisement linked to the presenter’s next show.

Villavicencio He expressed his doubts during his show: “Oh, they are taking those shares for a long time… What is the truth in all this… If he really buys 30% of the shares or is it less? Gisela Latin is a promo game for a project that is starting soon.

Gisela Valcárcel bought shares in Latina.

Also, the figure Panamericana TV He mentioned the speculation about the upcoming debut Valcarcel On the San Felipe Canal. According to him, “There is such talk They are preparing a mega course, there are already guidelines and advertisements to be aired. Well, you’re already good at everything, Gisela.

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