Loco Vargas accused Cuto Guadalupe of feeding the cat in Chinza programs

Performed by Juan Manuel Vargas and Guto Guadalupe Because today is Saturday with Andres And they reminisced about their friendship and some passages of their football career. At one point in the fun presentation, ‘Crazy‘ he recalled Kudo Cat invited him on their trip to Chinsa.

“When he took me to Sinja he called me a cat”, revealed Alas Andrés Hurtado and ex-footballers Alfonso Bujungo Yanez and Valdir Sanz unleash their laughter.

Drom | Loco Vargas and Guto Guadalupe today Saturday with Andres (Panaamericana).

But not only that, ‘crazy’ He remembered that too with a laugh Guadeloupe He gave it an anise, and it was strong.

“He played in Italy, father of five, how should he behave?” He scolded him for cutting From beautiful Guadalupe to Juan Manuel Vargas.

‘El Loco’ Vargas found his daughter’s friend in his room: “I wanted to kick him down the stairs”

Before the ‘stupid’ days Juan Manuel Vargas He gave an interview to Jesus Alzamora for his YouTube channel ‘La Lengua’ where he talked about the family he created with his wife Blanca Rodriguez. In a preview of this conversation, the ex-footballer surprises the driver by revealing details about his daughter’s fifteenth birthday.

“On my daughter’s fifteenth birthday, I wasn’t drinking, the kids were already leaving the park, one was old, I saw that they were excited and I saw someone in my room and he said to me ‘sir, I’m sorry, I’m lost’. I wanted to push him down the stairssaid.

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