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Nice gesture! “Children’s Day” is celebrated on this 20th August. In that sense, “The Great Famous Chef” Not wanting to be left behind, they paid tribute to the little ones on this special dateCristian El ‘Loco’ Wagner, Mariella Zanetti, Mera Coney, Beatriz Martínez ‘Herbolaria’ and Milene Vasquez tried to surprise the jury.

Drom|Javier Macias cries as he receives a prize

Of course, some of the small followers of the project prepared gifts for Peruvian gastronomy experts. Jose PelesHost of the Latin Show.

Javier Macias breaks down in tears on “The Great Famous Chef.”

When surprised, Nelly Rossinelli, Giacomo Bocchio and Javier Macias could not hide the great emotion they felt, but the last mentioned was so emotional that they burst into tears for a few seconds.

After breaking down, he was hugged by the other two judges as a sign of support.

What did Javier Macias say about the painting he received?

Little Genesis is the author of the drawing received by Javier Macias, who received the gesture with great emotion.

“It is drawn on a table with a ceviche plate. I think it’s me criticizing the food”, He said before shedding some tears.

Javier Macias reveals why he won the public’s will: “They want to see them suffer”

It is much feared by the participants of the famous big chef; But one of the audience’s favorites. We refer to Javier Macias, the unrelenting jury, which will cause strong disappointment to the most painted participants in the program.

“They want to see them suffer”, agreed.

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