Lord of Miracles: The Procession of Cristo Moreno ends and the film arrives at the Church of Las Nazarenas

Lord of Miracles: The Procession of Cristo Moreno ends and the film arrives at the Church of Las Nazarenas

The Image of the Lord of Miracles After the procession through Dagna Avenue in the center of Lima, it is located inside the Church of Las Nazarenas.

The picture Christ Moreno It is located in Block 6 of Nicolás de Piérola Avenue.

Procession of the Lord of Miracles in the center of Lima. (Citation: Nazarenas TV)

The Lord of Miracles procession, after leaving the Plaza San Martín, advances through Block 8 of Nicolás de Piorola Avenue. Christ Moreno.

He Lord of Miracles He leaves the Plaza San Martín amidst the faithful who have been following the procession since 6:00 p.m.

It will be 10:37 PM Image of the Lord of Miracles It is located in Plaza San Martín, according to the Brotherhood of the Lord of Miracles of Nazarenes.

Pictures of Cristo Moreno on the streets of Lima

Lord of Miracles: Pictures of the Tour of the Holy Image|Lima’s Holy Week and the Nation’s Cultural Heritage (Facebook)

The Lord of Miracles continues on his way in the company of thousands of believers who have come so quickly.

The procession continues its journey through the streets of Lima and is estimated to arrive in Nazarenas early in the morning.

Where is the procession?

Lord of Miracles: Where is He?

The Lord of Miracles came to the Palace of Justice

The procession of the Lord of Miracles continues its journey through the Cercato de Lima. Chanel N

The procession of the Lord of Miracles returns to Nazareth

The procession of the Lord of Miracles continues through the streets of the center. Network light

The procession is now at a crossroads Jiron Savala and Jiron Miguel Aljovin.

The procession continues its journey through the streets of Cercato de Lima

At slow pace, the procession of the Lord of Miracles progresses through the streets of Cercato de Lima. Network light

This is how your journey goes

The promenade is located between Abanque Avenue and Giron Letizia. Hundreds of believers gathered at 6:00 a.m. to return to Nazarene.

Where is the Lord of Miracles?

Follow the procession of the Lord of Miracles

Señor de los Milagros 2023: dates and routes of the five processions

Cristo de Pachacamilla’s first visit is this Saturday, October 7, at noon. The next tours will be held on October 18, 19 and 28 and November 1

Lord of Miracles Procession 2023 Cristo Moreno Routes, Dates and Routes

The picture Lord of Miracles It will have five routes in 2023: four in October and 1 in November. He walks Purple Christ It will depart from noon today, Saturday, October 7, and return on tour Plaza Mayor of LimaIt did not do so until several years later due to pandemic and political crisis.

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Señor de los Milagros enters Almenara Hospital

The Executive President of EsSalud, María Elena Aguilar Del Águila, together with the other directors of Guillermo Almenara Hospital, is on the podium to receive the procession of the Lord of Miracles.

The staff of the Almenara Hospital will pay tribute to the Lord of Miracles – Brotherhood of the Lord of Miracles

The Lord of Miracles will visit Almenara Hospital

Officials and patients of the Guillermo Almenara Hospital from EsSalud await the entry of the Lord of Miracles.

Workers at the Guillermo Almenara Hospital in La Victoria place flower mats to await the passage of the Lord of Miracles – Credit Infobae Perú

Lopez Aliaga returns to mass every September 14th

Mayor of Lima, Rafael Lopez AliagaIt announced that starting next year, every year on September 14, Thirumanjanam will be restored for the festival Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

“I want to ask you for your help for the poor people, and finally, I tell you that we are going to fulfill the mandate of this municipality, which dates back to 1707, which is required every September 14 on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, a town hall, celebrate a holy mass,” He noted that.

The Origin of the Purple Habit of the Lord of Wonders: A Story of Faith and Devotion

Every October, thousands of Peruvians gather in purple on the streets of Lima to pay tribute to ‘Cristo Moreno’. The custom of this dress is associated with a miraculous appearance that changed a woman’s life

It attracts thousands of devotees not only from Lima but from all over the world. The brotherhood of ‘The Immortal Christ’ plays an important role.

Every October, Lima hosts one of the most representative Catholic liturgies: the Procession of the Lord of Miracles. This tradition unites thousands of believers and these processions are held not only in our capital city but also in different parts of the world. The Existence of Brotherhood’‘Christ of Pachacamilla’ In this system of religious activities.

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The First Procession of the Lord of Miracles is a story of devotion and divine connection through the centuries

An act of faith was behind the organization of the first procession of the Lord of Miracles in 1687, amid the devastation caused by an earthquake in the Peruvian capital.

The cult of the Lord of Miracles, in addition to its subsidiary roots, is deeply rooted in Peruvian culture, where thousands of believers eagerly gather to hear his intercession. Credit: TVPerú

October is a month with many traditions, but there is one that stands out and that is the procession of the Lord of Miracles, eagerly awaited by its devotees. Its roots go back to centuries of history. Legend has it that a slave painted the holy image of ‘Christ Moreno’ on an adobe wall that withstood a strong earthquake in the Peruvian capital.

Despite the rain, devotees participated in the procession

In Puno, a group of devotees took part in the procession Lord of MiraclesAlthough it was raining heavily at that time.

According to AmericaThe rainfall surprised the inhabitants of Juliaca as they were in the dry season.

In Puno (USA TV) Believers walk the Lord of Miracles in the middle of the pouring rain

Visit to Kocharkas Mother Church

At Nuestra Señora de Cocharcas Church in Barrios Altos, parishioners arrive with the image.

The procession will again pass through INMP

This Thursday, October 19, the procession of the Lord of Miracles will once again pass through the National Maternal Perinatal Institute.

The National Perinatal Institute will be the first institution to be visited by the Lord of Miracles this October 19 – Credit INMP

Lord of Miracles in Barrios Altos

This is a passage along the Cristo Moreno Walk in Barrios Altos. The faithful head towards the district of La Victoria, where they will visit Guillermo Almenara Irigoyen Hospital.

“Every year (I come). We have high hopes. My eyesight is bad and I can’t see well, so my brothers come with me. (I ask) for life and health for my whole family,” declared one woman Latin.

Third departure of the Lord of Miracles: Walk through Barrios Altos (Andean).

This is how the Lord of Miracles: The Official Hymn of the Immaculate Christ was composed

The story of the main hymn to the holy image is full of the faith and devotion of an important Lima community.

Every year in October, the streets of Lima are full of excitement and tradition with the procession of the Lord of Miracles, accompanied by moving song. (YouTube / Fernando Barrantes Rodríguez-Larraín)

The greatest manifestation of Catholicism in Peru is undoubtedly the Lord of Miracles. And it is surrounded by countless revelations, which believers generally follow with the full intention of revealing their faith to the world.

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Where is the picture of Cristo Moreno?

Huanuco in Anda Cercato de Lima is located in Girona. Devotees participate in a mass outside the Virgen del Carmen church.

When is the next parade?

Fourth and Fifth processions Lord of Miracles Held on Saturday 28 October and Wednesday 1 November.

Officials participate in the event

President of the Republic, In BoluarteHe paid tribute Lord of Miracles During the second tour on Wednesday, October 18.

During the visit Christ Moreno the front page Government PalaceThe President presented several floral arrangements and candles.

Also participating in the event were Environment Ministers Alpina Ruiz; Education, Miriam Ponce; Defense, Jorge Chavez; Interior, Vicente Romero; Production, Ana Maria Chojuanga; Health, Cesar Vasquez; and Development and Social Inclusion, Julio Demartini.

Dina Boluarte presented the Brotherhood of the Lord of Miracles with a plaque commemorating the Office of the President – Presidency of Peru

Detour Scheme

According to Municipality of LimaDuring the procession, vehicular diversions will be implemented. This is the program for drivers:

  • North-South detour: Tacna, Iquitos and Brasil avenues.
  • South-North Detour: Dagna Avenue.
  • North-South Contingent Detour: Dagna Avenue.
  • West-East detour: Nicolás de Piérola avenues, July 28 and December 9.
  • East-West detour: Nicolás de Piérola avenues, July 28 and December 9.
  • West-East Incidental Detour: Nicolás de Piérola avenue
  • Incidental South-North Detour: Brazil Avenue.
The municipality of Lima coordinates with the police so that the procession is carried out in an orderly and safe manner – a credit to the municipality of Lima

What will be Cristo Moreno’s path?

Today, October 19th, the third tour of Lord of Wonders will pass through the following routes:

  • Carmen Church
  • Jiron Huanuco
  • Hospital dos de Mayo
  • Kira Avenue
  • Hospital Guillermo Almenara
  • Nicholas Piarola Avenue
  • Jiron Letizia
  • Court complex
  • Jiron Carabaya
  • San Martin Plaza
  • Nicholas de Pirola Avenue
  • Church of the Nazarenes
The Municipality of Lima has promised that security cameras will be present at all times – Credit Municipality of Lima


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