Love Codes: How To Send Hidden Messages On Valentine's Day On WhatsApp?

This dynamic is very popular in social networks. Find out the meaning of the most popular numbers and send them to your special someone.

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Days before Valentine's Day, WhatsApp is gearing up to curate love messages from hundreds of couples around the world. The dynamics of secret codes for lovers.

When distance does not allow people to meet, messages become a unique bridge to send affection, love and well wishes wherever you are. Chats become more fun when complicit with those on the other side. And we send out signs that only we understand.

In recent times, it has become very popular to exchange codes with numbers or letters on WhatsApp to a special person. In general, encrypted messages are usually of a romantic type, expressions, etc. “7u7” or “7w7”This could mean a hint at a date with romantic intentions.

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However, there are other number characters that are unusual and incomprehensible to those who are not familiar with the romantic fashion of the messaging app. Hide love messages For example 14324 and 9080.

Number 14324 is usually sent between loved ones, friends or lovers and means “I love you so much”But for the message to be meaningful, it must be sent to someone who understands the dynamics.

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What is code 9080?

This new language of social networks Put away the obvious emojis and stickersAnd brings a very challenging proposition that tests the intelligence of those who send messages and those who receive them.

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Cell Phones, Technology, WhatsApp.  Photo: UnsplashCell Phones, Technology, WhatsApp. Photo: Unsplash

He Code 9080 It's going viral on social media. Many people don't understand why because they keep getting it. The truth is, this enigmatic message is very common for couples or people who are in love with someone.

This strange number means “You must be by my side”. However, the meaning of numbers may vary depending on the context of the conversation and may be a “I feel your absence”.

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