DolarToday and Dollar Monitor Today, Saturday, February 10: Quote and price of the dollar in Venezuela | economy

Consult this tip from El Comercio Dollar price Inside Venezuela, according to DólarToday and Monitor Dólar, had a value of 37.99 digital bolivars on its last day. Also, on the same note you can know the movements and value of Dollar or Greenback in Venezuela region today, February 10, 2024.

How much is the dollar worth in Venezuela today, February 10?

There was a dollar 37.99 digital bolivars On his last day at the informal market VenezuelaAccording to portal data. while, Dollar Monitor Prices are quoted in US currency 37,94 digital bolivars.,

Also, the BCV dollar (official dollar rate) was worth 36,23 Digital bolivars, meanwhile Bitcoin Dollar come 37,64 Digital Bolivians.

What do you know about Bolivar Digital?

It is the governing currency of the country after the third monetary revolution used by the government. The new measure is that for every million sovereign bolivars, one digital bolivar will be obtained, or in other words, six zeros removed from the previously drawn amount.

What is today's dollar?

It is a Venezuelan-American media company run by Venezuelans living in the United States that focuses on political and financial affairs in Venezuela.

What is a dollar monitor?

Dollar Monitor is a platform that publishes averages of the dollar in Venezuela on a daily basis in the parallel currency market.

How much will Venezuela's economy grow in 2023?

Accordingly Delsey RodriguezVice President Venezuela, GDP generated by the private economy grew by 1.74% in the first quarter of the year; However, he acknowledged that there was an impact on operational behavior during this period.

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While participating in the closing ceremony of the annual congress of the National Federation of Venezuelan Businessmen, he described in his opinion the indicators in favor of the recovery of the main sectors of the Venezuelan economy.

According to him, one of these indicators is the increase in average daily transactions in the official exchange market, which rose from 1,430,000 US dollars in 2019 to 65 million last June, a growth of 4,445.5% in three and a half years. .

Rodriguez said there has been a sustained recovery in the volume traded since 2020.

“We're consolidating an exchange market based on supply and demand, and I think that's where the private agents are,” he said.

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