Luis Alvial, expert searching for Marta del Castillo with new technology: “This time there are signs”

disappeared Marta del Castillo An event that shocked Spain on January 24, 2009. Many studies have been carried out since then. Affidavits of those includedBut his body has not been found yet. Her father, Antonio del Castillo, the police and all agencies involved in the investigation have moved heaven and earth without success. However, this time May be the ultimate questAccording to an expert on missing persons By Luis Alvial, Participant with cutting-edge technology in new search.

This Saturday was already announced by the father, who, according to Alviel, who understood the need for his daughter’s body to appear, “disbelief because he was disappointed in the situation,” tweeted: “Today with the latest technology in drones and cameras infrared, heat, etc. and with the generosity of our friend Luis Alviel and the cooperation of his company Looking for Marta”.

When asked about the new steps of this search, Alvial confirmed to Antena 3 News that they are still on. Initial phase of data collection In an area, near the Sevillian highway of La Rinconada 8 to 10 hectares And nearer Majalopa FarmIn 2017 Gargano confirmed that the young woman’s body had been found, and in 2018 indicated. His brother I had moved it.

“This is an area where Marta del Castillo could be.”

In any case, according to Alvial, there are reasons to believe that the search will end successfully in this case, because he considers that, while not analyzing the collected data, “there are indications”. They have chosen the area to selflessly monitor because Antonio del Castillo requested it, but he is “committed” because he contributed. “Most Relevant” data. “Clearly this is an area where Marta del Castillo is,” confirms the disappearance expert, who participated in other searches while in charge of the Condor Georadar company, such as Little Ruth and Jose Breton. Killed by his father.

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Levels of the new quest for Marta del Castillo

In order to try to find the body of Marta del Castillo, the search is approached in a slightly different way, since the area of ‚Äč‚Äčland is more than a fixed point:

  • Firstly, data collection through remote thermographic and infrared sensors has been carried out with the aid of drones for diagnostic purposes. Primary ground anomalies. That is, extraneous elements such as debris or earth movements are sought. This phase has already taken place and the results of the analyzes will be available in two weeks.
  • Next, the areas identified as where the body was located They will evaluate with georadar. At this point, the results will be shared with the researchers, because until then it will be an investigation carried out by Antonio alone, assisted by a group of disinterested people. “Marta del Castillo represents all of the disappeared,” Alvial says, stressing her reasons for participating.
  • Finally, the excavation of the land will begin, that is, the previous stages are not invasive, and it is at this stage that there is a real possibility of finding the body. Penetration methods An archaeological survey can be carried out without the police if the owner of the land gives permission.

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