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The magpie pulled out her claws because of her conception. Magali Medina He didn't miss an opportunity to get in the middle of a fight between them Paco Bazan Y Leo BudronComing out in defense of the current ATV driver, whom the former Alianza Lima goalkeeper called “Pabosaso”.

TROME | Magali defends Paco de Leo Butron

“I'm the only one who has the power to mock and criticize Pago. It's good that Pago once tried to be a goalkeeper in his younger days, haha, but injury kept him away from football and we won him over for TV. How are you going to call him Babosaso?” The journalist said.

Medina also defended the former footballer. “Because I don't know the history of football, I don't understand if they sent him off or if he was a classic run out, but I'm not going to let him call our TV talent a slob. And who isn't a clown on TV? That's what they pay us for. We're not goalkeepers or football players. Don't get it, here we are, clowning around in houses and people. If a clown is a slime, I must be the queen of slimes.” 'Magpie' conducted between laughs.

“How long have I been here clowning around? Because I enjoy it. But Paco punched, I didn't pay attention to him, don't pay attention if you don't feel stupid,” he added.

Magali suggested that Bhazan ignore it and not threaten to sue him, as SportsDriver did. “You must have a skin and pigskin, very hard. “Bath in oil.” He finished.

What did Leo say?

Leao Butrón reignited tensions with Paco Bazán and made harsh comments against the ATV driver, whom he called a 'slob'. The former Alianza Lima goalkeeper has revealed his feud with 'Paco', with whom he has had arguments on previous occasions.

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During the broadcast of the online program Desmarcados, Padrón was stunned when Paco Bazán was mentioned and defended himself, assuring him that he was not a scumbag.

“A lot of people are wondering, why are you fighting with Paco? “He's a slim guy, he knows he's a slim guy, he always has been, he's been a slim guy since he was young, he did 2 seconds for the first time, and they cast him as an actor.” The former goalkeeper was initially promising.

After that, Budron opined that Bhazan was now a “clown on television”, prompting laughter from the other cast members of the show.

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