Magali Medina calls Dayanita a fury for “acting” Maria Pia Copello: “She wants to sign a contract in America” ​​| George Benowitz | Videos | Show Business | trcm | programs

Magali Medina Described as a trick Dayanita For not attending the live show ‘Monday Queen Made’ on America TV, where she was present. George Benavides Presented his release on ‘JP on ATV’.

La ‘Urraga’ indicated that the production of María Pia Copello was waiting for a transgender comedian on his TV set on Monday afternoon, May 15, but the artist finally did not appear and only acted in a live connection.

TROME | Magali calls Dayanita a fury for leaving Maria Pia Copello “conducted”

“It was advertised all weekend that she (by Dayanita) was going to be on ‘Send in Charge’ and she didn’t go. “What happens is, I have to create content for my networks and I have to do a lot of things,” he said. Oh how important you are and apparently rejecting even an already agreed upon participation”Medina commented on the latest edition of ‘Maghali TV: La Firm’.

Maybe you want to appear in ‘El reventonazo de la Chola’ Or he is pushing to sign the treaty in America.Added ‘Magpie’.

George Benavides accused Dayanita of lying

Dayanita came as a surprise when she denounced that she did not have a contract while working in ‘JP N ATV’. In this regard, George Benowitz came forward and assured the comedian that he had a contract and that he had paid her in advance.

George Benavides He decided to sit in the red chair on ‘The Value of Vegetables’ to respond to Dayanita’s recent statements in ‘El Reventonazo de la Sola’.

Asked if the comic actress has a deal with ‘JP N ATV’, Benavides replied yes. “If he signed the contract and paid the advance“, he said.

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George Benavides He regretted that despite helping Dayanita, he had decided to go on another show to speak ill of her.

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