Magali Medina comments on Ernesto Pimentel's film, the fight between Samahara and Brian, and the complaint against Patty Wong.

Makali talks about the time Samahara fought with Yuna

The journalist described the recent clashes between model Samahara Lopatone and Brian Torres at his apartment in Chorrillos. In her presentation, the spokesperson pointed out that this follows a pattern similar to what happened with Yoona before, and they say there are repeated behaviors on the part of the former reality girl. Likewise, he called on Samahara's parents to intervene in the situation, as it seemed like a repeating pattern of behavior.

Brian Torres and Samahara Lopatan have ended their relationship. The singer confirmed that the influencer is pregnant.

Grandma Wong's sister doesn't know her whereabouts

The model has been in a “no-go” situation since a businessman rented her a place and didn't pay. The former manager of the complex has requested that his sister come to negotiate the agreement. Also, no one has passed such a dwelling for a year.

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Grandma Wong was condemned

A model reportedly owes the owner of her restaurant in San Juan de Luricancho about 100 thousand soles. According to the landlord, Henry Falcone, the debt has been piling up since August last year and even from 2014, when he had to repay the money.

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LAM project talks about Peruvian projects

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Pilar Delgado questioned that Magali Medina did not agree to a live interview

The journalist said he was going to connect Pilar Delgado live to talk about Alex Brocka, but he was upset that they never connected her. Magali, in her defence, revealed that the previous day they had a detailed plan with a planned agenda. Additionally, he mentioned that they were going to send a reporter to his home, but he declined the offer. “We don't have to take it personally.”

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Magali Medina warns that if she has an interview with Alex Brocka, she will show it

The presenter questioned the recent appearance of friends Alex Broca and Ernesto Pimentel, who now talk about the relationship they had.

(Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)
(Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)

Srili Arika says Desa talked about Makali for convenience

The host responded to Shirley Arika's comments, saying she spoke about Makhali for convenience. The interlocutor warns that this is not true, and even though she knows it, she has no intention of stopping or endorsing him just because he speaks well.

Shirley Arica tells Jean that she is going to meet Dessa and attacks him. (Photo: IG capture)

Magali Criticizes Pamela Lopez: “She Changed At What Time”

For the first time since the scandal, Christian Cuevas and Pamela Lopez appear in public as a couple with their children. Faced with this situation, the driver did not hesitate to point out his point: “Dignity cannot be bought with trips, jewels or purses. In short, everyone lives their own drama.

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Patron Saint's Day for 41 years of 'Antonito' Pavone

Antonio Pavon and Sheila Rojas' son turned 11 and celebrated in a grand manner with his mother Joyce, his close friends and the Spanish family. The child enjoyed a themed party inspired by the legendary Ferrari car.

(Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)
(Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)

Natalie Verdis didn't let go of Ethel Bozo

The 'You're In All' host took on the recent controversy with Ethel Bozo with humour. In one of his reports, he visited the home of Hugo Garcia, who asked him about Yaco Eskenazi. The former Miss Peru had no other ideas except to reply, “It's in Disney.” Magali Medina couldn't help but laugh when she heard that part from the America TV report.

Natalie Verdis comically fights Ethel Bozo. | ATV

Reactions after the interview with Brian Torres

Magali Medina He started his project because of the reports of Brian Torres. “It ended up in the air,” the presenter said. Likewise, he urged Samahara Lopatan to go to therapy. “That emotional bias doesn't sit well with you for attracting toxic people into your life,” she said.

Magali Medina was surprised by Brian Torres' statements. | ATV

Melissa Gluck stirs up controversy

Jefferson Farfan The new filing is back at the center of controversy after recent reports from Melissa Gluck Complaint against ex-football playerThis time for an act of psychological violence against one of his teenage children.

The alleged allegation is that the minor was left alone overnight and did not receive breakfast the next day, a situation that would have left the youth emotionally disturbed. In view of these cases, the Public Prosecutor's Office has provided protective measures in support of the adolescent, including psychotherapy to improve the relationship between father and son.

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Allegations made by the influencer stated that the athlete refused to fund the school year his son wanted to attend, which was related to the career he wanted to pursue. In addition, she recounts an episode where another child of hers fell ill and needed urgent medical attention, only to find out that 'Fogita' did not pay for the medical insurance.

Melissa Gluck slams Jefferson Farfan for not getting along with her kids. (Photo: TV Capture)

Makali is ranked second in the ratings

Magali Madina is the well-known host of the show.Magali TV La Firm', highlighted its success in statistics Assessment, stands out in its coverage of programs and entertainment compared to competitors like America Television. During a recent broadcast, he emphasized his achievements, especially in moments when exclusive revelations about the private lives of celebrities attract the attention of the public, despite recognizing the superiority of the competition in other categories.

The presenter did not hesitate to mention specifics that were marked before and after on Peruvian television, such as revelations involving the singer. Christian Dominguez Y Mary Moncada. In addition, he emphasized the importance of exclusive and controversial content, which has cemented its place as a pillar in the media scene, capable of competing with the dominance of soap operas.

“It's the number one channel in the rankings, of course. Their soap operas are number one in prime time. Me, number two. I always say, no one needs to tell me, I'm very competitive and very realistic,” he said.

Magali Medina talks about the superiority of America TV on the small screen. | Composition/Infobae

What happened on 'Maghali TV Law Firm' on April 22?

Magali Madina vented her anger on various topics on her ATV show. Criticized Samantha Batallanos For reuniting with her former partner, Jonathan Micello, she questioned the necessity of the meeting after she reported him for physical assault. The driver also warned about the case Steve DiazHe practices medicine only through workshops without enrolling in a medical college, describing the practice as illegal.

Besides, Maria Pia admired Copello's figureEnhancing his youthful appearance, Millet draws the attention of Figueroa to his connections in Argentina, who seeks to capitalize on his connections in that country.

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In another segment of the show, Brian Torres interviewed, addressing topics about his relationship with her Samahara Lobedan, including the latest fight. He was staying at a friend's house and denied assaulting Melissa Gluck's daughter, despite public allegations against him. He also insisted that he apologized to her for exposing his conflicts on television. Finally, the singer announced that their relationship was over, noting that they had been separated for the past three weeks, but insisting that he would not abandon his responsibilities.

Brian Torres denies hitting Samahara Lopatone: “I've always avoided fights.” ATV: Magali TV Law Firm.

How to watch 'Magaly TV La Firme' online?

Ways to access 'Magaly TV La Firme' online:

  • ATV Play Apps: ATV Play app can be downloaded for free from Play Store for Android devices and App Store for iOS. It offers exclusive content from the channel and makes it possible to watch shows in real time.
  • YouTube and Facebook: 'Magaly TV La Firme' live broadcast every night through its official YouTube channel. Streaming is free, though with some audio and video limitations. You can also follow the project on the official Facebook page.
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Magali Madina and many more entertainment news, this April 23. | Composition/Infobae

Where to watch 'Mahali TV Law Firm' live?

Chapters of Magali TV Law Firm, presented by Magali Madina, telecast live on ATV. Also, it is available through various cable services such as DirecTV or Movistar TV. This is the list of available channels to find the program easily.

  • Open signal/channel 9
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  • Claro TV / Channel 9 (SD)
  • Best Cable / Channel 9
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What time to watch 'Maghali TV Law Firm' live?

You can connect the program Monday to Fridayfrom 21:45 to 23:00. Note that there are times Magali Medina This may happen during special events such as qualifiers where the program is not hosted live World Cup 2026 Or if you have a previously planned commitment. Additionally, it will not be broadcast live on certain holidays.

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