Magali Medina criticizes Christian Dominguez's interview and denounces that they are using his name for fraud

Jean Paul Santa Maria He said that he never spoke to him Christian Dominguez About your situation. Also, he assured that he never noticed cumbiampero lovers because the women who came up were either part of the staff or given as a relative of one of the musicians.

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Jean Paul Santa Maria He came to the set Magali Medina with his wife Romina Cachoi. Here the singer explains why he left Christian Dominguez's band. Initially, he pointed out that his partner did not want him to be in an environment where the boss was cheating, not only did he see several women get into the car. In that sense, Jean Paul He decided to leave the group to start his career as a solo artist.

Magali TV La Firm. (ATV Catch)

Magali Medina Cybercriminals have created an account Facebook With their name on it, they started drawing things. The journalist clarified that he does not do raffle and asked them not to pay attention to unofficial pages.

Magali TV La Firm. (ATV Catch)

Magali Medina Commented on the failure Liter weight At Viña del Mar, he could not take Siegel, despite being in the finals and receiving high marks from the public. Remembering that the best artists don't win competitions, for 'Urraka, first place doesn't often guarantee success.

Magali TV La Firm. (ATV Catch)

Vania Blutau He returned to Peru and could not avoid talking about the betrayals of Cristian Dominguez. She harshly questioned her ex-partner for not being loyal to any of her partners.

Magali TV La Firm. (ATV Catch)

Vanessa Lopez She shows up next to her new beau and shows off the money he spends on her. Material that has hit the cameras in the past Magali MedinaHe bought her a $7,000 purse in Miami.

Magali TV La Firm. (ATV Catch)

What happened on the show on Thursday, February 29?

Magali Medina He began his program by announcing that he was going to give an answer Nicola PorcellaUpset by his plan to cover for a chef who denounced him for cheating.

At another time, the journalist reported that Christian Cueva contacted his producer and offered him the opportunity to stop talking about him and his wife Pamela Lopez, so he would accept an interview. However, they did not reach any agreement because he was in Barcelona and Magali wanted Medina to be himself.

Later, 'Urraqah' retained it Alto Miyashiro Caught by the actress Gia Rosalina, A 28-year-old young woman, with whom he will travel to Mexico, will be his new conquest. Although the two are seen together, it is not yet possible to confirm their relationship.

Finally, Magali Medina interviewed the reprimanded chef Nicola Porcella. He denied everything the ex-reality guy said and confirmed that they rejected his work visa because they sent him the wrong document. He also pointed out that no cell phone was stolen but instead he seized the item because he had stored all his evidence in it.

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