What happens if an astronaut dies in space?

NASA is already thinking about what to do with a corpse in space. As space exploration advances, possible loss of life in remote locations becomes possible.

Surely you've seen it in a movie before: an astronaut dies for whatever reason, his body gets lost in space, and sometimes there's dramatic music in the background. It's an oft-repeated scene in the world of cinema, especially science fiction, and it usually ends with the unfortunate corpse being lost in the darkness.

Unfortunately, this fact may turn out to be a reality. as Space exploration Developments, even these dire scenarios, seem inevitable.

What happens when celluloid gets used to looking elsewhere? Let's try to guess what happens to the corpse of an astronaut in space.

What happens to a corpse in space?

The fate of an astronaut who dies in space will, naturally, vary depending on the circumstances in which he finds himself. If for some reason you are not wearing a spacesuit, Any liquid part of your body is immediately hit by the low pressure of space, and sensitive parts like your eyes or mouth turn to gas..

On the other hand, as indicated, the portion of water that forms any body will freeze Direct science. This sudden loss of fluid added to the lower temperatures outside the Earth Due to the inevitable dehydration, the body will create something like an intense mummification process. Not to mention the bacteria, if they're still alive, will consume it.

Is it possible for a ship to drop a dead person in space? If so, the experts are clear: it would be best to get as far away from our planet as possible. otherwise, It may collide with Space junk What's around, or with a SatelliteOr the planet's own gravity brought it back.

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Of course, if it comes in contact with the atmosphere, it will decompose. Also, space is generally a very cold place, that's true, but it can also be very hot depending on where you were.

A final farewell in space

Space Astronaut


As bad as these assumptions are, they must be taken into account. NASA thinks itself aware that future space missions will have to face these dramas. Because of that They have developed cremation bags capable of holding a body for a maximum of 72 hours. Something valid if you are close to Earth…but not too far.

For example, on Mars. Indeed, this is a challenge that still has no simple answer. Considering how complicated it is to send humans to Mars, if someone perishes upon reaching the Red Planet, thinking about cremation or burial involves a waste of energy and resources that is surely unacceptable.

Thinking about these things may not be fun or pleasant, but it is necessary. A dark side to space exploration, but one that should soon be developed. Will there be a chance to preserve the astronaut's lifeless body until it is returned to Earth? Nowadays, it sounds complicated, but you never know.

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