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The recent romance between Rosangela Espinoza and youtuber Andysane This is the opinion of Magali Madina, who recalls the so-called ‘Selfie Girl’ boasting that she was going to get an Arab sheikh from Qatar; But ‘done with flirting with Antisane‘.

“She was bragging that she had stunned all the sheikhs and was going to get a millionaire boyfriend” and “was flirting with someone. YouTuber comes up short”, Magali commented.

“Of course a sheikh winked at him, one of the many sheikhs who maintain four wives, because with the millions of women they have, many women hope that their life’s dream will come true in Dubai and Qatar, and that they will find a sheikh who will take them out. Poor and they are a Not having to work on a reality show, I usually say “He said.

TROME | Magali Medina in Rosangela and the Yearning (Magali TV, La Firme)

Mahali TV reported that there was a meeting between Rosangala espinosa And well known youtuber Antisane It happened in America, where they recorded several videos.

Rosangela confirms that they are losing her in this battle

Through his Instagram stories, Rosangala espinosa He replied that it was going to enter the current season of the war, ruling out such a possibility.

They miss me, I know they miss me. No, I’m in something else”, Selfie girl said about this Rosangala espinosa.

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