Málaga Techpark celebrates the new edition of the Women in Science and Technology programme

Málaga TechPark has celebrated the sixth edition of the Women in Science and Technology program, the aim of which is to promote the science and technology careers of female students arising from the Spanish Association of Science and Technology Parks (APTE).

The days organized by the park are aimed at students from ESO to Fourth and Primary – Fifth and Sixth – and allow students to immerse themselves in an educational experience. The world of technology.

Therefore, they were able to visit the exhibition ‘Women Who Changed the World’, a tour of exhibitions that showcase the work of distinguished scientists and technologists throughout history, they pointed out from Technopolis in a statement.

IES Campanillas (Málaga), IES Huerta Alta (Alhaurín de la Torre) and IES María Victoria Atencia are the educational centers that participated in these workshops in this edition.

Therefore, the initiative included the participation of Sophia Schneider from Oracle; Ana Perez, Beatriz Rodriguez and Isabel Granados from AirTech; and Angela Dini and Maria Exposito from Google shared their personal experience as technologists, explaining why they decided to pursue a STEM career and its growth and application in the labor market.

After the talks, two workshops took place, one on robotics with Arduino and proposals for innovative solutions to challenges related to the SDGs, taught by the Official College of Technical Communication Engineers of Andalusia. and educational technology.

During the conference, to bring students closer to new technologies, ‘What are Disruptive Technologies?’ Illustrated guides were provided; and ‘What I want to be when I grow up’, guidance when choosing STEM degrees. One hundred youths have been able to experience this initiative in which three sessions have been conducted.

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