Mariella Zanetti complains about Huatás speaking: “They want me to go for free for two days with a full audience. It's a job” | programs

First it was Miguel Vergara's complaint, now this. Although she didn't want to be named, Mariella Zanetti said she was invited to Speaking Hue… but they didn't want to give her 'not even a move'. “With a full audience, they want me to go for free, and I work two days” He said.

Marialla He was a guest panelist on the show Dodo Se Filtra, where he revealed a call from the most popular place on the internet.

“There are many programs that call; “But they don't even want to pay for movement,” started Zanetti. “Like that problem H spoke. With a full audience, they want me to go for free. “I worked for two days, and no, it wasn't like that either.”He said.

Mariella Zanetti He informed that he had received a call from him Talking h… “If you also occupy your time and provide content, it's a job. “A producer can't be cheeky enough to call you…”He said.

Miguel Vergara reveals how much Jorge Luna and Ricardo Mendoza wanted to pay him: “Don't be funny”

Miguel Vergara He surprised his followers by revealing an unusual payment offer from the production Jorge Luna and Ricardo Mendoza are known for their shows “Haplanto Huatas” and “No Somos TV”.

According to Miguel VergaraProduced by Jorge Luna and Ricardo Mendoza He contacted him to participate in one of his shows and said he would pay 300 soles for his participation.This includes two days of rehearsal and recording of the program in question.

“I tell his assistant or the producer who called me: 'Don't be funny if your ticket costs 300 feet and you want to pay 300 feet for two days. No dad”, He said.

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