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2024 features

Madrid – Fitur, the world's largest tourism fair by arrivals, begins its most ambitious edition this Wednesday, a sector that has fully recovered from the epidemic, but with great challenges ahead, from the saturation of destinations and travelers to the integration of artificial intelligence.

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It takes place in the Middle East in 2024

Madrid – Tourist destinations in the Middle East continue to try to attract visitors despite the tension created by the war between Israel and Hamas, which has particularly hit the sector in neighboring countries such as Lebanon and Jordan, and threatens to slow down post-pandemic. Rescue in Egypt.



Tourist hotels

Madrid – INE publishes data on hotel activity for the whole of 2023, in which it expects closures to exceed pre-pandemic levels and was already 25% higher than in 2019 in November.

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Argentina strike

BUENOS AIRES – Argentina is experiencing its first general strike since 2019, called by the country's main trade union center the Confederation of Labor (CGT) and supported by political parties and social and human rights organizations against government-initiated reforms. of Javier Mili.

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– Trade unions from various European and Latin American countries have called for rallies in front of Argentine embassies in support of the strike.


Salary statement

Barcelona – Eda Business School presents the new edition of the 'Salary Evolution 2007-2023' report, which analyzes the results of a sample of more than 80,000 salary data from across Spain and represents a thermometer of the evolution of wages. Spanish companies.



Economic security

BRUSSELS – The European Commission is proposing a series of measures to strengthen the EU's economic security, including a regulatory review of controls on foreign direct investment and a proposal to prevent European investments abroad from providing technological or military advantages to China or Russia. .

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Tesla results

WASHINGTON — Electric car maker Tesla, plagued by controversies over CEO Elon Musk and shipping problems due to a harsh North American winter, reported its 2023 results after earning $7,069 million in the first nine months of the year. their vehicles.


– Alstom, easyJet, SAP, IBM and AT&T also offer 2023 final results.


AIE Electricity

PARIS.- Renewable energies will be the main source of global electricity generation as early as 2025, when they will overtake coal, the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts.

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Information agenda

9:00 am- Madrid.- Appearances of the Congress.- The Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Óscar Puente, representatives appear in the extraordinary session of the Commission of Transport and Sustainable Mobility of the Congress, reporting on the general lines of policy of his department, among other things. Constitution Chamber. Congress of Representatives. Cra de S. Jerónimo, s/n (text) (photo) (video).

9:00 am- Madrid.- Tourist Hotels.- INE publishes hotel situation statistics (overnight stays, accommodation and prices) for December and 2023. (Text) (Infographic).

9:00 am- Madrid.- FITUR 2024 TOUROPERATORS- Gabriel Subias, CEO of World2Meet, the travel division of Iberostar, gives a press conference in conjunction with the opening of Fitur.

10:00 am- Madrid.- EU ACTIVITY.- S&P Global releases Eurozone Flash PMI for January.

10:30 am- Madrid.- Banking Economy.- Minister of Economy, Trade and Commerce, Carlos Body, meets Joseph Oliu, President of Banco Sabadell (10:30 am); With Juan Jose Cano, Chairman of KPMG (12:30pm), with Manuel Asuka, Chairman of Unicaja Banco (1:30pm). Ministry of Economy, Trade and Commerce. Paseo de la Castellana, 162.

10:30h.- Madrid.- MARKETS PERSPECTIVES.- Alex Fusté, Chief Economist and Investment Director of Andbank Group, and Marian Fernández, Macro Manager in Spain, will give the keys to the markets in the first half of the year. . C/ Serrano, 37. 1st floor.

10:30 am- Barcelona.- Salary Report.- Eada Business School presents the new edition of the 'Salary Evolution 2007-2023' report, which analyzes the results of a sample of more than 80,000 salary data from all over Spain. Aragon, 204. Classroom 22. (Text)

10:30 am- Ferrol (A Coruña).- Department of the Navy.- The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, visited the Navantia shipyard and will then make a statement to the media.

10:30.- Madrid.- Government Technology.- José Luis Escriva, Minister of Digital Transformation and Public Services, meets with representatives of the DigitalES business association. Headquarters of the Ministry.

10:40 am- Madrid.- DECARBONIZATION INDUSTRY.- A total of 40 national and international companies launch the Q-Zero alliance for the decarbonization of heat, together with the president of the electricity company Ignacio Galán, at the Iberdrola headquarters in Madrid. In business.

11:00 am- Madrid.- FITUR 2024 HYATT.- Interview with Javier Coll, President of the Hyatt Inclusive Collection and Head of Innovation and Development of the Group's Global Businesses. Iphema. to stand

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11:00h.- Madrid.- INSURANCE OUTLOOK.- Mapfre's research service, Mapfre Economics, presents its annual Economic and Sectoral Panorama report, which includes the company's macroeconomic and financial forecasts and the performance of the insurance sector.

12:00 p.m.- Madrid.- Social Economy.- Yolanda Díaz, Second Vice President and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, closes the event presenting the 2024-2025 plan to promote the Social Economy. Headquarters of the Ministry.

12:30h.- Madrid.- FITUR 2024 MELIA.- Meliá Hotels International organizes a press conference with the company's president and CEO Gabriel Escorer. IFEMA Madrid, Melia Hotel International Stand (Hall 10, Stand 10C04)

12:45h.- Madrid.- FITUR 2024 AGENCIES.- The Federation of Spanish Travel Agencies (Caev), Calor Garrido, presents a review of 2023 and a work plan for 2024. Hall 10. Stand B75.

1:00 PM.- MADRID.- FITUR MSC CRUCEROS.- MSC Cruises is organizing a round table in Fitur to discuss the company's commitment to Spanish ports. Jaime Luenzas, Head of the Portos del Estado Port Community Services Area, and Fernando Pacheco, General Director of MSC Cruises, will be in attendance, along with representatives from the port authorities of Alicante, Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Tarragona and Valencia. . Ifema (Fitur, Stand 10C01)

13:30h.- Madrid.- FITUR HESPERIA.- The General Commercial Director of the Hesperia Group, Gonzalo Alcaraz, will present the plans for the relaunch of his own brand of the hotel company within the framework of Fitur, and will advance the main milestones. 2024. Ifema. Hall 8. Stand 8C20.

3:30pm- Madrid.- FITUR 2024 VUELING.- Vueling information meeting on its sustainability strategy with special emphasis on initiatives linked to operational efficiency. IFEMA – Pavilion 10 – Stand 10C10

16:00h.- FITUR 2024.- Minister of Transport, Oscar Puente, visits the stand of the group of companies holding the sector at Fitur. IFEMA. Pavilion 10.

Madrid.- Banking Government.- Minister of Economy, Trade and Commerce Carlos Badi meets with top managers of Banco Santander, Banco Sabadell, Unicaja and KPMG.

Madrid.- Employment regulation.- The Ministry of Labor publishes employment regulation data for the month of November 2023.

MADRID.- Engine production.- The National Association of Vehicle and Truck Manufacturers (Anfac) publishes vehicle production and export data for December.

Madrid.- Peasant protests.- The Spanish agricultural sector will evaluate the farmers' protests in Germany and France and decide in the coming days whether to join national or collective action, but admits the probability of “contagion” due to discontent. EU policies or national and indeed specific or local demonstrations have already been organized by some sectors in crisis.

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3:00h.- Berlin.- Germany Strike.- Railway drivers begin their fourth strike to protest Deutsche Bahn (DB)'s refusal to accept demands to reduce the working week to 35 hours with the same pay. (text)

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7:00h.- Paris.- IEA ELECTRICITY.- The International Energy Agency (IEA) publishes its annual report on the electricity market.

8:00am- London.- easyJet results.- Cheap-ticket airline easyJet publishes results for the last quarter of 2023. (text)

11:30 am- Frankfurt.- GERMANY DEBT.- Germany places 15-year debt for 2,000 million euros

16:00h.- Brussels.- EU HUNGARY.- The European Commissioner for Budgets, Johannes Hahn, participates in a debate with the Budget Committee of the European Parliament on the release of funds to Hungary, despite problems with the rule of law.

Paris.- ALSTOM Results.- Trains and railway equipment manufacturer Alstom presents billing and orders for the third quarter of its accounting year. (text)


1:30 PM- New York.- AT&T Results.- American media and telecommunications group AT&T presents its 2023 financial results. (text)

22:30h.- Washington.- Tesla Results.- Tesla announces its financial results for 2023 after posting a net profit of $7,069 million in the first nine months of 2022.

New York.- IBM Results.- Technology company International Business Machines (IBM) presents financial results for 2023. (Text)

Asunción – MERCOSUR SUMMIT – Paraguay, which holds the rotating presidency of Mercosur, will host a meeting of foreign ministers of the group's members, which will include negotiations for a trade agreement with the European Union (EU) among the topics on the agenda. . (photograph)


00:50h.- Tokyo.- Japan trade balance.- The Japanese government releases data on trade balance for the previous month and for 2023. (Text)



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