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Juliana Oxenford As the channel decided not to renew her contract, she aired the last episode of 'All Style Juliana' in the second week of December. Immediately, rumors began to circulate about a possible replacement, with Mavila pointing to Huertas as his successor.

The rumors were confirmed on Monday, January 8, when he appeared on ATV's new news program 'Happening Now'. The journalist took advantage of the first minutes of the show to thank the channel for the opportunity.

“Good luck and welcome to 'What's Happening Now', our premiere program. I want to thank ATV for this opportunity, the trust placed in the person you are talking to and the entire team that produces this show. Give everyone the best information.”

“Unbiased information, timely information, the scoop, research, so you can make better decisions. Thanks for the support, and thanks to the team working to bring you the most complete and robust program today.” Mavila pointed out.

Mavila Huertas Says Goodbye to 'Panorama'

Mavila Huertas Panamericana used the last seconds of the last edition of his Sunday show on television to say goodbye to his audience. Juliana Oxenford It is revealed that he will replace him in the ATV news broadcast.

“I wanted to share with you that this is the last Sunday in which I will be with you in Panorama and thank you for the trust, hope and harmony you have given us after Sunday” The journalist said last Sunday night.

TROME – Mávila Huertas bids farewell to Panorama: “This is my last show”

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