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The fear of receiving a negative health diagnosis often prevents Peruvians from going to the doctor on time. Lack of time and cost is another reason. Facing this situation, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) announced a national campaign Look at yourself PeruRunning nationwide between May 15 and 21, who can join the free campaign?

Questions and answers

Who can participate in the Segway Peru campaign?

The campaign targets the entire population, from newborns, adolescents and adults.

But the campaign will not last for just one week but will be given momentum throughout the year. Through the campaign we seek to reduce the number of patients in hospital beds and ICU beds. There are diseases that can be prevented from progressing through timely laboratory tests”, pointed out Dr. Angel Iribari, Head of the Advisory Cabinet Sometimes In conversation with

Where to go?

More than 8,000 primary care and hospital institutions from Minsa have been activated. EsSalud also provides protection to its affiliates SIS.

Guidance will be given in existing centers to focus and know the time of focus in Lima and the regions, line 113 will be activated. In Lima alone there will be 50 permanent positions in addition to temporary positions in places like La Videna, Campo de Marte, and some regional parks like Cinchi Roca.

You can access the information Enter here and then click on the download button Health centers across the country can be identified.

Los Clinics Are they obligated to provide service to their users?

“We have met the association of private clinics and reached an agreement. They will only provide to their public. They are determined to cooperate so that the benefits reach all. However, not all clinics are insurers, that is, not all have contracts or agreements with insurers, and not all have a preventive care package, but if they do, they must provide care. Everything is monitored by Your health”, A Minsa spokesperson explained.

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What medical tests are offered during Secate Peru?

  • For boys and girls: Vaccination coverage will be provided, as well as iron and micronutrients, anemia analysis. As well as weight.
  • In adolescents: Psychological evaluation, tests for sexually transmitted diseases, general medical evaluation, screening, psychiatric examination. Even morning delivery after pills and condoms with advice.
  • In adults: Laboratory analysis of obesity, diabetes, breast, cervical and prostate cancer. High blood pressure tests, other laboratory tests.

“Depending on the problem, we will refer the cases to experts. We cannot take all the exams during the day, some exams can get results on the same day or within 48 hours, while others will be given access to a platform, which they can enter with their ID number.”.

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What will Minsa do with all the information they collect during the checkup Peru?

“The current statistics show that people seek medical help only when they feel very bad, the other half do not pay attention, and sometimes prefer to live with discomfort. We do not want to fill us with seriously ill patients, the idea is to detect the disease in time, thus avoiding overloading the health system and improving the quality of care” Iribari said.

What is the purpose of this campaign?

Care goal for 7 million Peruvians. Historically, only 3 million Peruvians visit a health facility for preventive exams.

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What will be the opening hours?

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Segway Peru will be held from May 15 to 21 from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Will workers be provided with facilities to attend?

Minsa said it is working hand-in-hand with various departments to provide facilities related to access to organizations and campaigns.

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