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Minister of Economy and Finance, Alex Contreras, heralded a promising start to the year for the Peruvian economy, marked by growth in key indicators. In a press conference, Contreras highlighted a boost in public investment, as well as an increase in job creation, expressing optimism about the country's economic future.

According to data presented by the head of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), January marked a historic milestone in public investment, which has pushed the country's economy back into motion. “Both the data for January and the preliminary data for February indicate that the Peruvian economy has entered a phase of expansion,” says the minister.

He believes that one of the key factors that contributed to this success was the increase in revenue collection. General Sales Tax (IGV)As well as an increase in export shipping orders, this indicates increased activity both nationally and globally.

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Underlining the importance of these indicators for sustainable economic growth, Contreras highlighted the positive growth of 3.4% in government revenue and the increase in imports of capital goods.

The minister emphasized that this economic growth has contributed significantly to the creation of employment, especially in non-primary sectors, which have experienced growth for the second month in a row. This increase in labor activity is a concrete reflection of the country's economic progress.

At the ministerial meeting, a thorough monitoring of the current economic situation was emphasized, highlighting the increase in the implementation of public investment at the local and regional level. He reflects that this increase has been a major factor in boosting employment and economic activity in various regions of the country.

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Finally, Contreras reaffirmed the government's commitment to consolidate this trend of economic growth, with a view to achieving the target of 3% growth for this year.

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