Melissa Klug and Jesús Barco held hands at their grandmother's wake, and Raul Marquina shared a heartfelt message.

Melissa Gluck and Jesus Fargo held hands at their grandmother's wake, and Raul Marquina shared a heartfelt message. (Composite: Infobae)

More power. During the wake of Mrs. Angela Clorinda Solari de Arbegoso, held this March 21, the Klug family showed stronger solidarity than ever, demonstrating the deep bond of love that unites them in the midst of this difficult time they are going through.

His granddaughters attended this emotional farewell event. Gianella, Samahara and MelissaMother and daughter, Jefferson Farban's children, friends, and family in general, shared a moment of unity despite previous distances.

For her part, Melissa Klug received the unconditional support of her current partner, the footballer. Jesus is the boat, after resuming their relationship. With this, the couple make their first public appearance since splitting earlier in the year due to infidelity. The two came together at the vigil to show unity and solidarity in this time of loss.

Melissa Kluck announced the death of her grandmother.

Both of them came hand in hand in black clothes. The businessman wears loose clothes and dark glasses, his mood affected by pain. In front of them were their two daughters, Melissa and Samahara, however, they were distant and with sad expressions, showing that they had been crying.

It is noteworthy that the resurrection took place in the Archbishop's Sanctuary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus located in Santiago de Surco. The 97-year-old woman said her final farewell in an emotional ceremony that brought together various personalities of Peruvian entertainment.

Amidst a moment of pain due to the lady's death Angela Clorinda, a close confidant was instrumental in Melissa's support. Evelyn Vela, a close friend of 'Blanca de Suquito', has been close to offer her comfort and support during this difficult time.

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Ms Orbegoso's funeral is scheduled for this Friday at 1pm, during which it is hoped the family and her loved ones will be able to say goodbye and honor her memory in an act of love and respect.

For Melissa Gluck, her grandmother is the most important woman by her side.

Through his stories on Instagram, Raul Marquina, ex-partner Melissa GluckHe shared an emotional message in tribute to the demise of Ms. Angela Clorinda Solari de ArbegosoAn important figure in his family's life, especially his daughter Gianella.

In his heartfelt message, the businessman expressed his gratitude to Ms. Angela, thanking her for always being there for her daughter and her siblings. With words full of emotion, he wrote: “So thank you mum Angela. “You were always the mother of the chicks.”

The news was shared through the entrepreneur's aforementioned social media stories and shared by Gluck, showing her affection and recognition for the person who played a fundamental role as her maternal figure and constant support for her family.

Melissa Gluck and Jesus Fargo held hands at their grandmother's wake, and Raul Marquina shared a heartfelt message. (Composite: Infobae)

Conchita Centeno He mourned the death of his friend's grandmother Melissa Gluck, Grandma is called Angelita. The radio host noted that he accepted his grandmother into his life with love, which shows the affection and closeness he had with her.

“Today I want to greet someone who has already gone to heaven. As you know my adopted friend Melissa Gluck's grandmother Angelita passed away today. A hug to the Kluck family. We hope Mrs. Angela rests in peace in the arms of God,” he commented.

Conchita Centeno mourns the death of Melissa Gluck's grandmother. (Photo: IG capture)

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