Check out the space photo taken by NASA on your birthday

Since 1990, the year it was launched into space, the Telescope Hubble NASA has photographed planets inside and outside our solar system, as well as some of the most distant stars and galaxies from Earth.

The telescope is orbiting our planet A 593 kilometers above sea level He photographs space bodies 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on your birthday.

The official NASA website introduced a funny slogan in which you can see what photo the famous telescope took Your date of birth.

The portal invites you to select any day or month of the year, and in return it displays the space system observed by Hubble on that day. For example, he April 24, 1991A year after its launch, the telescope “took photos of the supernova remnant Cygnus loop“.

Photo: NASA

Cygnus Lobe, 1991 Hubble Space Telescope photograph

“This image captures a small portion of the Cygnus Lobe supernova remnant,” says NASA's official website. You can see in the picture “A massive stellar explosion about 15,000 years ago”Special site says.

For more than 30 years, Hubble has discovered galaxies, stars and planets millions of light-years away from Earth, some of which have been photographed. Your birthday And advice can be sought on this connection.

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