Metro Line 2: Sections closed for work at Aetal will reopen after nearly five years

They will open closed roads to traffic in ATE. (Photo: Andina)

Urban Transport Authority (other) Sections were informed by its president Jose Aguilar Central Road In Lima, closed due to construction Line 2 of the Lima and Callo Metro, will reopen to traffic in March this year. Affected sectors including At Extension Javier Prado and Vista Alegre, inaccessible since 2019.

In a statement, he indicated that the construction work is very advanced and it is estimated that they will start operations in January 2025, so that they can join the five stations that were already commissioned on December 21.

“At the end of next March we can announce that the closures of these three stations should already be published, they are major closures … there will be only very minor restrictions, but the circulation of vehicles will be implemented,” he stressed. .

As it is known, the white parade that started at the end of last year was the beginning of the first phase of Line 2 of the Lima Metro, whose trips went. Santa Anita Market and Via de Avitamiento.

They will open closed roads to traffic in ATE. (Photo: Andina)

On the other hand, Aguilar highlighted that in the first month of the White March, about 530 thousand passengers rallied. Line 2 of the Lima and Callo Metro Stage 1A runs through five stations between Santa Anita and Via de Evidento.

Therefore, the stations with the highest demand are Evitamiento (151,520 users) and Mercado Santa Anita (150,672), which are the start and end of the line of electric trains, traveling a total of five kilometers.

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In that order, he pointed out that the other three stations in this position are Óvalo Santa Anita (98,464 users), Colectora Industrial (74,074) and Hermilio Valdizán (55,393). According to the ATU, the day with the highest number of passengers so far was January 18 with 26,401 users.

Line 2 of the Lima Metro may open its next stations in the At district. (Photo: Composite-Infobae/Renato Silva/Paula Elizalde)

On the other hand, the Urban Transport Authority During the trial period, he reminded people that there is no need to present the card at the time of entry so that users can freely access this mass transit system.

However, he clarified for good use the main rules of coexistence Lima and Callo MetroWhen arriving at the station it may be indicated that the user must descend the stairs, as the elevator is exclusively used by persons with certain types of disabilities, pregnant women or those with children in arms.

Likewise, in the boarding area, when the train arrives, the waiting people must wait until the passengers exit the coaches before boarding the train.

During travel, it is necessary for users to hold on to handlebars and handles to maintain balance; They shall not lean on or block rail doors; This will prevent accidents when they are opened.

Works on E-13 of Line 2 of the Lima and Callo Metro will begin in March this year. – Credit: Infobae

The Urban Transport Authority (ATU) Announced construction of new underground central station in Lima and Galloway Line 2 of the Lima and Callo Metro It starts in March this year. The underground station promises to improve connectivity with the existing Metropolitano Central Station, and delivery is expected to take place within two years at the most.

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According to the company, E-13's Line 2 of the Lima Metro It will be built 20 meters deep in the center of Lima, exactly at the height of Carcilazo de la Vega and Paseo Colón avenues, in front of the Lima Art Museum (Mali).

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