Mexican TikToker Disapproves of Nicola Porcella's Restaurant Food: “They Feed Me Stones”

Mexican Tiktoker visited and criticized Nicola Porcella's restaurant. (Video: Christopher Pasteris).

mexican ticktoker, Christopher Pasteris, He recently shared his experience after visiting TribalOwns a new Peruvian-Mexican fusion food restaurant located in Mexico City Nicola Porcella along with his associates. However, their gastronomic reviews are not entirely positive.

According to the influencer with more than 278 thousand followers TikTok And more than 199 thousand people on Instagram, during their stay at the modern campus “Mexico's Lover” They presented him with a dish containing white stones, which he characterized as unsuitable, and he also pointed out the defects in the preparation of certain dishes.

As can be seen in a video shared by Pasteris, the influencer tried a variety of dishes from the restaurant's menu, including 'The Boyfriend of Mexico'. Small white stones.

The young influencer, who is a chef and food critic, emphasized this fact by pointing out that dishes should contain only edible ingredients and ingredients.

Nicola Porcella opened Taypá restaurant in Mexico with Peruvian-Mexican fusion cuisine.

“Yes, these white things are stones. “Never put something inedible on your plate.” What Tiktoker thought, he commented on the place, he didn't find anything new about it, although he found it pleasant. He also criticized Mexican tableware, referring to the dishes served on them. “Container difficulty and they give you flat plates for food with gravy”said.

“They fed me stones at Nicola Porcella's restaurant in Polanco. Taypa is a Peruvian cuisine restaurant combined with Mexican ingredients. The location is nice, but nothing out of this world,” said the young influencer.

Pasteris commented on his disappointment with his supporters Lomo saltado dish, argued that it was not a spice. Overall, the chef's conclusion was not very positive, saying that if the restaurant continues on this path, it will face difficulties in attracting and retaining customers.

Nicola Porcella is getting rave reviews for his restaurant in Mexico.

“In short, the restaurant has a lot to improve, because if they continue like this, I can assure you that no one will find him, even with Nemo. I hope they will solve it, and this is the failure of a famous person to set up restaurants,” the advice given to the TikTok influencer.

The reality guy who managed to win the love of the Mexican public, Nicola Porcella, Joined with two partners to open Taipa, a gastronomic project that seeks to combine the richness of Peruvian flavors with a Mexican touch, an effort to offer a unique culinary experience in Polanco, one of the city's most beautiful neighborhoods. Mexico City.

Nicola Porcella was accused of fraud by a Peruvian chef.

However, from the beginning, when they offered him to the public and invited friends and family for the first taste, ​​Chef Carlos Bustamante accused him of arbitrary dismissal and the use of the menu of dishes he presented. For her part, Nicola denied it, saying the man had shown up with false documents.

“I don't care, I have nothing to do with it. We know how the magazine works there and about the project. Well they say I cheated someone so now remember I belong to a channel and tomorrow we are going to a meeting. I didn't hire anyone, I didn't do anything, he was a cook who came here, he came with false documents, he lied, he behaved badly, he stole cell phones, he stole things from the apartment and I gave him. “Apparently, the company decided to fire him and it seems he didn't like it, that is, he wanted to work without complying with the company's rules,” said Nicola Porcella.

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