Michelin will attend Demogro 2023 with its agricultural technology

Michelin will be present in Demogro 2023will take place May 23rd to 25th In Farm “Square” Inside Wheel (Valladolid)To showcase their products and solutions for agriculture sector through different channels Test demosIt will be held in morning and afternoon sessions at Michelin Plot.

The company will count Demogro through it Full range of products with Michelin Ultraflex technology, developed to help farmers operate efficiently and sustainably throughout the crop cycle, from preparation and treatment to harvest and transportation. The Benefits This technology:

Agricultural tire with Michelin Ultraflex technology.
  • More soil protection, because it allows to get a large footprint, it protects the soil from compaction and rutting. Additionally, air and water penetrate more easily, improving the conditions for obtaining better yields from the crop.
  • More fuel savingsMore traction on the ground thanks to the improved traction, which significantly increases traction, reduces skidding and allows you to work faster, while saving fuel.
  • Strong and long lastingReinforced sidewalls and specific rubber compounds make agricultural tires with Michelin Ultraflex technology strong even at low pressure.

Among his representatives Agricultural tires rangeMichelin will showcase the new at Demogro Michelin EvoBib, is designed for use with remote inflation systems and is characterized by its ability to grow and change depending on the conditions of use. The benefits of the exhibition will also be explained Michelin Axiofib 2, a versatile VF (Very High Flex) tire with high traction for tractors from 160 to 550 CV, which improves agricultural performance by up to 4% with Michelin Ultraflex technology; And Michelin SprayBib CFOVery low pressure tire with high load capacity for self-propelled treatment machines.

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Michelin Demogro Evovip
Michelin will showcase different models at Demoagro 2023.

The exhibition will conclude Michelin CerexBib 2 tires, which meets specific requirements in terms of traction and buoyancy of very powerful compounds; The Michelin TrailXbib, designed for towed machinery or wheeled equipment; And Michelin RoadmapA solution for tractors with powers ranging from 160 CV to 400 CV, demanding high performance tires in terms of durability and traction for intensive use on rough terrain and roads.

On the other hand, those who attend Demogro can learn about its benefits PTG central inflation settlementA technology developed in collaboration with farmers allows to adjust the tire pressure of agricultural machines from the cart and choose higher pressure to work with lower pressure, protect the soil, improve productivity in the field or improve the life of the asphalt. You can see the useful life of tires in action on the Michelin parcel The new Holland T5 tractor is equipped with CAMSO chain systemThe company has been part of the Michelin Group since 2018.

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