MTPE: Unemployed who have contributed to EsSalud can receive up to one year of care | Peru

MTPE: Unemployed who have contributed to EsSalud can receive up to one year of care |  Peru

Ministry of Labor and Employment Development (PETM) if a person is continuously connected to health social security (Health) and have been unemployed in recent months, you have a special right to unemployment coverage (latency), which allows you to receive medical care for up to 12 months after being laid off.

However, MTPE’s Directorate of Social Security and Labor Migration pointed this out Depends on the number of contributions made by the employer in the last three years preceding the date.

He has given an explanation in this regard For every five months of contribution, the ex-employee has a two-month grace period with entitlement to health care.. He pointed out that this figure applies to cases of valid suspension and also to beneficiaries of the owner such as spouse and minor or major children, who are totally and permanently disabled to work.

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A delay period is automatically generated after an employer announces a termination or termination of employment through T-Registro, Sunat’s digital platform containing information on employers and formal workers and pensioners. This is coupled with the obligation of employers to register their regular workers in electronic payroll.

As a guarantee that those benefits will reach the heirs of the owner who contributed to EsSalud without fail, he must have provided his employer with information on his personal data in a timely manner and with evidence. With this, the employer can register them in EsSalud.

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