Miguel Drago | Griziuma's president explains the reasons for the Peruvian's return to Brasileirao: “Draco was already in the elite of Brazilian football, he will be very useful” | Paolo Guerrero | Game-Total

Last Friday, January 5, a tweet by Brazilian journalist Vene Casagrande on the social network Twitter alerted the country's sports editors. The reason? Peruvian full-back Miguel Drago already has a team for the 2024 season, called Grisiouma FC of Brasileirao Serie A.

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After that, El Comercio contacted the player's environment to find out how true the information was. “Yes, it is true, we have already finished with Criciúma, the contract is for 2024 and there is an option to extend the contract for another year.”

Likewise, we got a short interview with Wilmer Guedes, the president of Crisjuma FC, who talked about what he believes Miguel Trauco can contribute to his team.

“This is a positive signing for Criciúma, he was already in the elite of Brazilian football and will be useful for us to face Serie A of the Brazilian championship. He is an attacking player, but he knows the position. We believe you can help us a lot. We think he will be happy at Criciúma. We hope so,” the boss commented to this newspaper.

Griziuma EC's boss, Miguel Trauco, explained why he delayed the signing even though he had already trained with the team and signed a contract with his company. “Draco is with us, training and recovering physically. It is very good. “Miguel Drago has already signed for a year.”

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Likewise, this newspaper has learned that Criciúma has not yet announced the signing of Miguel Trauco at EC as he is awaiting the release of his work visa. “His visa should come out this week,” they told us from the player's entourage.

What do we know about Criciúma EC? Its headquarters are located in the city of Santa Catarina, and it is a city with excellent high economic standards, indicating good quality of life indices. Also, 42 km near the sea, people are hospitable. Criciúna EC fans are very passionate, but very respectful.


Could Paolo Guerrero move to Grisiusma?

In December last year, Paulo Guerrero was linked by Brazilian side Mercado da Bola to the Griziuma club. That's why we took advantage of the call with the president of the club to ask if this interest is real.

“There is no interest. We are not talking to Paulo Guerrero,” Griziuma told EC president Wilmar Guedes in a nutshell to El Comercio.

Let's remember that Miguel Drago was in the San Jose Earthquake last season, but despite the great performance of the Peruvian footballer, the North American club abandoned the renewal of the bond, so the two-color team remained in his hometown of Tarapoto.

In this way, El Criciúma EC is the sixth club in Miguel Trauco's professional career. Previously, the left-hander defended the colors of San Jose Earthquakes, Saint-Etienne, Flamengo, Universitario de Deportes and Union Comercio.

Peruvian full-back, Miguel Drago, has become Griziuma EC's fourth reinforcement ahead of the 2024 Brasileirao season. Colombians Yerson Candelo, Renato Keizer and Baldazar Barcia also signed for the tricolor team.

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