Milena Merino said that Golferu did not renew her contract a few days after the birth: “It hit me like a bucket of cold water”

Milena Merino said that Golferu did not renew her contract a few days after the birth: “It hit me like a bucket of cold water”
The journalist also opined that the decision not to renew the contract within days of becoming a second-time mother was one-sided. (Tik Tok Milena Merino)

At the end of every season, many media outlets make changes in their content schedules and as a result, various talents are removed from the screens or replaced by others. This year is no exception.

In 2023, sports channels had an eventful end to the year. ESPN ceased operations in the country Movistar Games Up to three projects have been announced to be cancelled. For its part, Golperu It decided not to extend contracts with many of its figures through 2024.

Expulsion of affiliated clubs Peruvian Football Confederation to sign with Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) Exchange of their matches, as well as descent Municipal gameThat means they only have the TV rights of three teams until 2024. Sports University, Game boys Y Carlos Mannucci. This resulted in significant reductions in its programming and, at the same time, in staff.

The most recent of these is Composer Milena Merino, who has been in the company's ranks since 2019. Last Saturday, January 6, the sports journalist confirmed the news, noting that she was notified days after giving birth to her second child.

In the first instance, he took to his social networks to thank his now ex-Signal colleagues and followers for accompanying him on this journey of his career.

“Where do I start, this is not an infomercial, a debate or any of these things. You have been a fundamental part of my life, the birth of my children, my wedding, the most beautiful moments, like the last four years that I have been a part of. Gulf Peru, There I met incredible people and made great friends that I love, adore and admire,” he commented via Tik Tok.

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Later, he revealed his decision to quit Exclusive Moviestar Channel It was one-sided and took her by surprise in the midst of motherhood, when she had no other career plans, and it was hard for her to absorb.

“Unfortunately, I have to tell you and answer the question I have been asked many times in recent days, where am I going to be in 2024? I'm not going to continue with the GOLPERU screens, it's not my own decision, it's a decision that fell on me like a 'bucket of cold water'.. I'm not going to lie and say 'I already have a new project' because that's not the case. It took me some work to make it work, but today I'll be open about it because I know good things will come.

Finally, he mentioned that he will announce the next chapter of his career in the near future, but he will continue to be in front of the screens, which is where he believes he shows his best performance.

“I recently became a mother for the second time A few days later I found out that I am not going to continue with GOLPERU screens and they are not going to renew my contract., but I'm sure you'll come with me wherever I go. In the next few days, I am going to tell you where we are going to see each other because the screen is my natural habitat and that is where we are going to see each other in 2024,” he concluded.

Milena Merino leaves Cabo Peru after four years – Credit: Instagram

Apart from Milena Merino's farewell, other drivers also stopped the Coleperu. Officially, Carolina Salvador Y Roberto Drago They also announced their departure. Giancarlo Granda He hinted at a possible departure after his last broadcast in 2023.

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“Today I feel grateful to God for sharing these seven years in Golperu. I always take my best friends and colleagues with me. New projects will come because it's football and life goes on,” he wrote. 'Tidin' A twitter.

“End of cycle. Now comes the best. Kisses to all, see you soon,” Salvador posted on the same digital site.

Roberto Drago and Carolina Salvador are from Calperu – Credit: Twitter


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