Ministry of Labor Launches Job Call for Adults Over 60: How to Apply?

MTPE provides jobs to the elderly

He Ministry of Labor and Employment Development (MTPE) He launched an initiative that included inviting people over 60 years of age as part of a new job call. This approach aims to recognize the experience and skills of this population group and provide them with employment opportunities commensurate with their knowledge.

Action, which reflects firm commitment Labor recruitmentThis seeks to stabilize the adult population, which typically no longer exists Job opportunitiesThey can apply for various positions that match their profiles, thus contributing to mutual enrichment between employers and employees.

Thus, through them Official channels (Facebook, X and Company Portal) MTPE “Silver Call” starting this January 25, at the Metropolitan Lima Employment Center, Av. Salverry 655 – Announced to be held in Jesús María.

Call for above 60 years. (Photo: El Peruano)

According to this, the department headed by the minister announced Daniel Mouret RomeroDuring this event, 15 vacancies will be offered in LCPM SAC Operator (Little Caesars Pizza) to perform multifunctional tasks.

To do this, those who are interested in working in this fast food chain should appear with their identity card and course details from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Salaveri Avenue N° 655, Jesus Maria. Likewise, MTPE has clarified that job offers will not be communicated through WhatsApp, Telegram or other links outside the official site.

This strategy represents an active vision MTPEIt seeks to improve the employment and well-being of older adults, aligning the country as a benchmark in promoting inclusive employment opportunities.

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On the other hand, as described by Andina Agency, those who want to search for other types of calls with attractive job opportunities can register on the web portal. Lots of jobsWhere you can find the perfect job.

Administrative Assistant is one of the most in-demand jobs.

Los University courses With higher wages in Peru for 2024, trends are consistent with those of the past three years. According to the rankings provided by the My Career website of the Ministry of Labor and Employment Development (MTPE), these specialized graduates can earn more than 9,000 Ft per month.

This ranking is essential for students who are about to start their university career Job security An attractive salary in an economy where job opportunities are shrinking every year.

As in 2022 and 2023, race tops the list Medicine. Here is the ranking of the 30 industries with the best future in Peru, according to data published by Mi Carrera:

  • Medical: S/ 6,745 (average monthly income in soles).
  • Agribusiness: S/ 4,665 (average monthly income in feet).
  • Geography: S/ 4,263 (average monthly income in feet).
  • Computer Science: S/ 4,208 (average monthly income in feet).
  • Systems and Computing Engineering: S/ 4,170 (average monthly income in Sols).
  • Nursing: S/ 4,034 (average monthly income in feet).
MTPE will provide formal jobs. (Photo: Andina)
  • Mining, metallurgy and petroleum engineering: S/ 3,993 (average monthly income in feet).
  • Political Science: S/ 3,991 (average monthly income in feet).
  • Statistics: S/ 3,978 (average monthly income in feet).
  • Telecommunication Engineering: S/ 3,942 (average monthly income in inches).
  • Economy: S/ 3,917 (average monthly income in yards).
  • National Police Officers: S/ 3,902 (average monthly income in feet).
  • Electrical Engineering: S/ 3,892 (average monthly income in feet).
  • Mechanical Engineering: S/ 3,847 (average monthly income in feet).
  • Right: S/ 3,809 (average monthly income in feet).
  • Civil Engineering: S/ 3,794 (average monthly income in feet).
  • Obstetrics: S/ 3,724 (average monthly income in feet).
  • Industrial Engineering: S/ 3,697 (average monthly income in feet).
  • Electronic Engineering: S/ 3,677 (average monthly income in feet).
  • Other management majors: S/ 3,646 (average monthly income in feet).
  • Geography: S/ 3,631 (average monthly income in feet).
  • Naval and Aeronautical Engineering: S/ 3,605 (average monthly income in feet).
  • Marketing: S/ 3,472 (average monthly income in soles).
  • Nutrition: S/ 3,419 (average monthly income in feet).
  • Dentistry: S/ 3,414 (average monthly income in feet).
  • Design: S/ 3,269 (average monthly income in feet).
  • Other Engineering: S/ 3,177 (average monthly income in yards).
  • Business Administration: S/ 3,107 (average monthly income in feet).
  • Sanitary Engineering: S/ 3,098 (average monthly income in feet).
  • Pharmacy and Biochemistry: S/ 3,082 (average monthly income in feet).
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The National Institute of Statistics and Information (INEI) is looking for Recruiting Under 17 pollsters Service location methodThe deadline to apply is January 17, 2024. These positions are available at INEI headquarters in Áncash, Apurímac, Cusco, Huánuco, Junín, Lima, Piura, Puno, San Martín, Tacna and Ucayali.

Applicants must be Graduates College students And should have at least three months of experience in conducting home inspections in public or private institutions. The departments of Apurímac, Ayacucho, Cusco and Huancavelica require a command of the Quechua language as established in the INEI job call.

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