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This South American country is one of the largest countries in the world. Photo: Jazmin Ceras/La República/Anakena – Video: @marinaloretodonosorivas3134/YouTube

There are biocene countries, but there are also countries with access to three seas, which you are not fully aware of. There are only two countries in the world that meet this characteristic, and they are in the United States, although only one in the South. However, if we are referring to the triangles, one is in South America and the other is in Europe. Do you have any idea which South American country this is?

France is considered the other country of the triangle In the world, along with this South American country. That's because it has territories Europe, America and Africa, which is part of the French Republic. The first, of course, includes metropolitan France. Later Guadeloupe and Martinique appeared in the Antilles, French GuianaSouth America, and finally Réunion and Mayotte, on the African continent.

Oceans around the world. Photo: IndoEscola

Which is the only country in South America considered to be a triangle with access to 3 oceans?

If Colombia is biooceanic, then trioceanic and tricontinental Chile. This South American country has access to three oceans: Pacific, Atlantic and Antarctic. It is important to clarify that It is not surrounded, they are only nearby, as in Canada. In addition, it is one of the longest in the world.

Regarding being triangular, Government of Chile As the nation confirmed the data on its website Composed of three geographic regions: South America, Oceania and Antarctica. The first is the metropolisWe all know and boundaries PeruIt also includes the Andes mountain range.

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The second is geographical area Chile is insular. It corresponds to an archipelago of volcanic origin in the South Pacific Ocean: Juan Fernández and Desventurados (in South America), and Salas y Gomez Island; and Easter Island (Ill Oceania)

Third point Chile Antarctic TerritoryAntarctica, 1,250,257.6 km², lies between meridians 53° W and 90° W. Gabriel Boric It claimed its sovereignty, but it was suspended by the Antarctic Treaty.

Triangular Chile map. Photo: Government of Chile

Chile has 6,435 km long coastline covering four zones: Corresponds to territorial sea (120,827 km²), contiguous zone (131,669 km²), exclusive economic zone (3,681,989 km²) and continental shelf (161,338 km²).

Canada is another US country with access to three oceans

Canada It is a country located in North America bordering the United States. However, one of the points that this nation stands apart from is its security Access to three oceans. On the west it is bounded by the Pacific Ocean; To the east, the Atlantic Ocean and to the north, the Arctic Ocean. It should be noted that this Canadian country occupies almost half of North America.

Canada has access to 3 oceans. Photo: Word Atlas

Along with Russia is Canada One of the largest countries in the world, With about 9.9 million km². The country has a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy. King Charles III of England, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party.

Why is Chile called a tricontinental country?

Chile It is a tricontinental country and is made up of three geographical regions: Continent of Chile It covers a strip of land on the western coast of the Southern Cone. This strip stretches between 17°29'57 S and 56°32'12 S parallels and extends from the southeastern edge. Pacific Ocean For imposing peaks Andes mountains. Its length measures an impressive 4,270 km, with a maximum width of 445 km at 52°21'S and a minimum width of 90 km at 31°37'S.

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The Salas y Gomez IslandLocated in Oceania and Easter Island is part of the second geographical region. Chile is insular. This area corresponds to a cluster of islands of volcanic origin in the South Pacific Ocean, including the Juan Fernández Archipelago and the Desventurados Islands of South America.

Between the meridians 53° W and 90° W, is called the third zone Chile Antarctic Territory It covers an area of ​​1,250,257.6 km² in Antarctica. Chile asserts its sovereignty over the region and extends its southern border to the South Pole.

What are the 3 continents that make up Chile?

Chile It is situated on the south-western edge South America and includes its territories Americas, Oceania and Antarctica.

“The total area is 2,006,096.3 km2, not counting the territorial sea and the 200-mile territorial sea or exclusive economic zone. It is bordered by Peru to the north, Bolivia and Argentina to the east, the South Pole (Chile Antarctic Territory) to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west, covering an area of ​​more than 8,000 bathes its,” the website explains. National Congress official of Chile.

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