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12:17 AM | Tatiana Calmel is Miss Peru 2024!

Out of a total of 34 candidates from all regions of the country, Tatiana Calmel was crowned Miss Peru and will be our next representative at the Miss Universe 2024 International Pageant in Mexico.

Miss Dalara oozed glamor and charm, establishing herself as Camila Escribnes’ successor at the ceremony, which lasted more than three hours and started an hour late.

12:13 AM | Vanessa Medina (Loreto) was the second finalist in the competition.

12:00 AM | Jury Questions: All three finalists answered the same question from the jury. Why do you want to be Miss Peru?

11:48 PM | First 3 notification

  1. Vanessa Medina (Loreto)
  2. Lauren Marquez (Miss Peru America)
  3. Tatiana Calmel (Miss Talara)

11:40 PM | What happened to the TOP 5?

The organization neglected to announce the five finalists of the competition and they went directly to the final round.

11:38 PM | Jessica Newton announced that Miss Peru 2025 will be headquartered in Cusco.

11:35 PM | are notified to Miss Supranational Peru 2024

Sofia Cajo (Miss Iga) was announced in the top 5 and won the Miss International Peru crown. The beauty queen will represent our country in Japan in November.

11:15 PM | Jessica Newton expressed her gratitude before receiving recognition from the Municipality of Callo for her excellent work as the director of Miss Peru Universe. He received from the hands of César Pérez, vice mayor of Callao, the lighthouse that represents the eternal light of Callao and Peru.

11:00 PM | Competition in Gala suit: The top 10 beauty queens dazzled on stage in their best gala outfits. After that 5 finalists will be announced.

10:37 PM | Top 10 Notice: Laura Spoya and Carlos Adian announce the candidates vying to enter the top 5.

  1. Sofia Cajo (Miss Aika)
  2. Vanessa Medina (Loreto)
  3. Tatiana Merel (Miss Lima Capital)
  4. Lauren Marquez (Miss Peru America)
  5. Nikita Palma (Challenger – Miss Huanzaco)
  6. Maruxa Salcedo (Miss Barranco)
  7. Nolia castagnola (Challenger – Miss Trujillo)
  8. Wendy Ausjo (Apurimag)
  9. Tatiana Calmel (Miss Talara)
  10. Cassandra Ward (Gallao)
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10:06 PM | Swimming competition

The top 15 candidates take the stage again to showcase their beauty and elegance in swimsuits. They all modeled to the beat of one of the night’s guest artists, Guina.

9:25 PM | Announcement of Top 15

  1. Nayaj Gomes (Miss Curvy)
  2. Wendy Ausjo (Apurimag) – He automatically became the representative of the hill country.
  3. Vanessa Medina (Loreto) – automatically passed as a representative of the forest area.
  4. Nikita Palma (Challenger – Miss Huanzaco)
  5. Nolia castagnola (Challenger – Miss Trujillo)
  6. Tatiana in the sea (Miss Lima Capital)
  7. Maciel Suarez (Challenger – Miss Huancavelica)
  8. Giordana Carrillo (Challenger – Miss Punta Hermosa)
  9. Lauren Marquez (Miss Peru America)
  10. Cassandra Ward (Miss Kalaw)
  11. Tatiana Calmel (Challenger – Miss Talara)
  12. Alexandra Hayashi (Miss Lima Center)
  13. Sofia Cajo (Miss Aika)
  14. Maruxa Salcedo (Miss Barranco)
  15. Brigit Ore (Miss June’s)
Top 15 of Miss Peru 2024

9:11 PM | 34 candidates for the crown appear before the judges.

9:09 PM | Laura Spoya, Miss Peru 2015 and Carlos Adyan, Telemundo anchor, are the hosts of Miss Peru 2024.

8:58 PM | Christian Yaiben and Quanah kicked off the beauty pageant with their song ‘You Are Not An Angel’. Candidates danced to the rhythm of Cumbia.

8:56 PM | Miss Peru 2024 started almost an hour late at 8:56 pm due to technical glitches.

8:26 PM | Supporters of Tatiana Calmel del Soler came to the beauty pageant with posters featuring the model’s face to support her candidacy for the Miss Peru crown.

8:20 PM | Jeff Lee, The international trainer and coach of the candidates for Miss Peru 2024 assures that our country has a chance to win the Miss Universe crown.

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8:15 PM | The delay of the Miss Peru 2024 awards ceremony has caused great discomfort and anger.

7:57 PM | It was announced that the gala will have a huge stage with giant screens to ensure that the public can see every detail of the participants’ parades.

7:07 PM | Alessia Rovegno and Maricillo Camarra have been confirmed as part of the official jury to choose Camila Escribense’s successor.

Who will be the official judge for Miss Peru 2024?

  • Romina Lozano (Miss Peru Charm 2024)
  • Victor Alvarez
  • Marisilo Camarra (Hispanic American Queen 2023)
  • Andrea Rubio (Miss International 2023)
  • Varo Vargas (Mr Supranational 2021)
  • Jeff Lee (Coach)
  • Alessia Rovegno (Miss Peru 2022)
  • Patricia Lopez

The note is original

He Miss Peru 2024 Camilla will choose Scribes’ successor at the historic fair, where married women, mothers and transgender people are allowed to participate. A total of 22 regional candidates and one local candidate will compete against a panel of contestants consisting of singers, influencers, models and actresses.

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The winner of the beauty pageant will not only take the coveted crown but also become an ambassador representing our values ​​and culture at Miss Universe.

When and where will Miss Peru 2024 be?

The Miss Peru 2024 pageant will be held this Sunday, June 9, for the first time, at the historic Plaza Gra in Callo. The ceremony starts at 8:00 PM.

How to see Miss Peru?

Unlike the last edition, Jessica Newton, the organizer of the beauty pageant, announced that the edition will not be aired on any TV show and the pageant will be watched through a television channel. Miss Peru’s YouTube.

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Who are the candidates for Miss Peru 2024?

1. Karen Gutierrez (Amazonas)

2. Wendy Ausjo (Aburimac)

3. Jimena Brendali (Arequiba)

4. Sabrina Herazo (Ancash)

5. Cassandra Ward (Gallau)

6. Nayaj Gomez (Miss Curvy)

7. Sheila Luna (Cusco)

8. Map of Alfaro (Huárez)

9. Melody I Love You (Aika)

10. Lisette Malka (John)

11. Brigit Ore (June)

12. Angie Coronel (Lumbac)

13. Jasmine Sarzar (La Libertad)

14. Pamela Adriansen (Lima Norte)

15. Valerie Melo (Lima Osté)

16. Fatima Rivas (Lima Region)

17. Alexandra Hayashi (Lima Center)

18. Vanessa Medina (Loreto)

19. Myra Cueva (Puno)

20. Gabriela Moncada (Piura)

21. Valeria Velarde (Arequipa Region)

22. Romina Osorio (Dagna)

23. Celeste Loyza (Dumpeys)

Who are the challengers of Miss Peru 2024?

1. Nikita Palma

2. Tatiana Calmel

3. Giordana Carrillo

4. Tatiana Merel

5. Maciel Suarez

6. Lady Cervantes

7. Sophia Cajo

8. Nolia castagnola

9. Lisa Salazar

10. Maciel Suarez

Miss Curvy will be part of Miss Peru

Organization of Jessica Newton He introduced the first ‘curvy’ beauty queen, Nayaj Gamez, to become a candidate Miss Peru 2024. After winning the competition Miss Curvy 2022, Nayaj is part of the race for the national crown.

Nayaj Gamez has the opportunity to make history as the first Peruvian and second plus size model to compete in Miss Universe.

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