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Peru now Cannes Film Festival 2023! Like coming out of a dream Camilla EscribensOur current beauty queen revealed her first look through pageant organizer Jessica Newton’s social networks and official channels. Miss Peru. Camila is preparing for her first day at the event that brings together the most important celebrities from around the world, for which she wore a design that will surprise more than one and all shine on the red carpet.

Representing Peru, the eventual winner of the beauty pageant will wear an Atelier dress by Elizabeth Muñoz. The white dress fits her body perfectly and is a piece with transparency and hundreds of appliqués throughout the entire design, it is angel cut. Chosen gala dress has v-style neckline and flower designs. The transparency at the back of the back makes it look like a strapless dress, but it’s the appliqués that create the lines that draw the most attention. Undoubtedly, it epitomizes all the sophistication, elegance and glamor that beauty queens possess.

In addition to the beautiful and impressive dress, you can see a feather cape in the video uploaded on social networks. This piece adds elegance to the look and is sure to turn heads and glasses. The cape has an extension that goes to the floor and its voluminous nature covers the entire dress, which shines when she opens her arms like a bird. “Ours from Cannes Miss Peru In her first look, @camilaescribess looks elegant and stunning in a white dress by @elizabethmunoz_atelier.”

The model chose to wear her hair in a bun with her hair loose on the side, which showed off the artwork she was wearing just as well as her makeup. Some smoky eyes in earth tones and a slightly lighter lipstick contrast best with the color of the suit. The look was topped off with diamond star shaped earrings.

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Jessica Newton, organizer Miss PeruHe shared a video of the sighting Camila Modeling an outfit is where we can see the outfit our rep wears in more detail. “Glamourous Miss Peru 2023 Camila Escribens gets ready for her first day at Cannes”, was the message accompanying the description of the video.

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