Mission Hive achieves 75% success in space

Mission Hive achieves 75% success in space

According to recent reports from UNAM's Institute of Nuclear Sciences (ICN), the Hive Mission It achieved an impressive 75 percent success rate on its journey through space to the Moon.

From the ICN Control Center, Phys Gustavo Medina DancoHe shared that a verification of all the systems of the Colmena mission, which operates in the vast deep space, was carried out in the early morning hours and throughout Thursday.

“(This) led to a 75 percent success rate across all of our initial objectives.”He pointed out Madina DankoProject Leader.

The scientist said that the mission is close to the orbit of the Moon, 385 thousand kilometers from the Earth.

“Mexico is now in that club with very few countries to reach. We can say that we have achieved enough to go to Colmena 2 in 2027.”Madina Danko was celebrated.

Via X (formerly Twitter), the Institute of Nuclear Sciences shared a chart with all the data from UNAM's first lunar mission.

In a new statement this Friday, the ICN team expressed gratitude for the encouraging messages during a failed critical juncture. Fuel leakage Aboard the Peregrine, Colmena aboard, compromises its final approach to the moon.

“We have been working tirelessly for over 6 days to collect as much information as possible”ICN made the announcement on its X account (formerly Twitter) this Friday at noon.

The INC said on Thursday it was able to energize Colmena, establish communications and generate data collected by a team of scientists.

“After nearly 10 years of hard work by academics and the collaboration of over 250 students, we share with you the perfect moment when #Hive's successful deep space operation has been confirmed”ICN

With information from Reforma and ICN

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