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Curt VillavicencioDayanita's reunion with the popular 'Meditchey', 'JP N ATV' project was criticized and questioned the fairness. George Benavides, because he believes he has no words. As is known, the comedian has announced his return to the show that made him famous.

The 'Medici' attack George Benavides to reinstate Dayanita

In Panamericana Television's 'Everything leaks' spot, the host did not miss the opportunity to address the debate created by the arrival of the TikTok personality, who was excluded from comedians due to liability and moral issues. Allegations of arrogance.

“'Never say never' is for George Benavidez, because they hired her back because she was said to be spoiled, arrogant, arrogant, condescending, disorganized and irresponsible.” Revealed the 'Préndete' collection at Samuel Suarez's show.

“The information I got is that George's show on Saturday is going on, Dayanita is going there, he's been put in 'Tobido', they've pulled Percy Teestra from Chola Chabuka, they've also pulled Sigiblum, and they've blown Chola.”Entertainment Journalist added.

In addition, he criticized George Benavides' decision to reconcile with Dayanita, recalling the reasons that led to his separation from the cast in the past: “This Saturday we will see Dayanita go head-to-head with JP in that 'Valor de la Vertura', and I mean, about Dayanita's recklessness? The times she didn't answer her phone while fighting with her partner, left all the production technicians standing there, and excused everything George Benavides said.

Finally CurtShe clarifies her disappointment against the popular ATV comedian: “We know anything can happen on television, but I didn't think about George Benavides, I thought he had his words. (…) How long will happiness last?

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Returning to JP on an ATV, Dayanita is happy to be reunited with her friends. (Photo: Drome)

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