NASA captured an “angel” in the middle of space with its telescope

He Hubble Space Telescope from

/ESA Captured such a picture show And “Angel” His extension Alas It contains Broad universe. This vision the skyHowever, it is not a product of supernatural beings, but a A dramatic fusion in the middle of Galaxies Known as VV-689Nickname forever “Angel Wing”.

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Where unlike visual matches Galaxies They just seem to overlap From our earthly perspective, VV-689 Their presence gives a very dynamic atmosphere Two galaxies captured in the act of colliding. This cosmic event was created An almost perfectly symmetrical structurelike Wings of an angel to one The size of the galaxy.

This discovery is part of was set up of Observations Made by Hubbleaims to examine more closely “Zoo Gems“, A Constellation series selected for their particular interest Galaxy Zoo project. This includes the citizen science program Hundreds of thousands of volunteers In classification Galaxies, makes it easier Thus, the Analysis of Vast volumes of data generated by robotic telescopes. Collective participation was introduced A variety of constellationsSome of it They have never studied before.

A similar effort Radio Galaxy Zoo: LOFARIt uses this massive collaboration method to identify Supermassive black holes Inside Galaxies far away. Findings emerging from these projects highlight the importance of power Crowdsourcing In Investigation Astronomy.

For a more detailed look at these fascinating systems, The Advanced camera for Surveys Dell Hubble Conducted follow-up observations of the most important items identified in both Galaxy Zoo In parallel with that Radio astronomy. Public actively participated in this work and contributed 18 thousand votes to select the objectives of these observations. Among the elect They discovered galaxies cheater Structures StrangecomUnusual rings and scrollsAs well as a remarkable collection joins GalaxyIn this highlighted

for him Unity cheater Alas Fairy-.

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This Cosmic “Angel” It not only demonstrates the inherent beauty of the universe, but also underscores the importance of collaboration between scientists and citizens in expanding our knowledge of astronomy. Through the combined efforts of the entire scientific community, the mysteries of the universe continue to be revealed, one of which is ours A strange spectacle of this star spreading its wings A through space.

ESA/Hubble & NASA, W. Keel; Thanks to: J. Schmidt
Galaxy VV-689

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