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If you walk, you will get treasures. One Sunday the craving for a dessert got me out of bed and walking the streets in search of the perfect treat. I came across Gou Gou at Juana Alarco Park in Dammert, which serves the best tiakis I've ever tried. Learn more about its proposal and history in this note.

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“Taiyaki Foodbike starts from a much bigger idea that we already wanted to take on. Something that all three of us, including Deborah – are passionate about – along with Ayumi as another partner – is Asian food and culture.”Mayra Alfaro explains AdvantagePart of the three founders GouGou.

They had an idea to start a place, but don't wait any longer, they decided to serve some delicious Japanese pastries on a bicycle. “Ayumi and I usually travel by bicycle. One day we saw a woman delivering lunch on a mounted bicycle and she caught our attention. We decided to launch this and it was a product that we already had 100%.Alfaro adds.

Little by little, they started looking for fillers to use in this adventure. The cake is usually filled with a very traditional Japanese dessert, sweet red bean paste. But, in this case, the girls decided to go for different flavors trying to win over the Peruvian public. “Peruvians love sweets, that's why we decided on the four flavors we offer”Acknowledges the corporate partner.

According to Ayumi Nakamine, public reception has been good. They launched at the end of January, and with acceptance, they can pursue new and different ideas to grow with the brand. “Now we have many ideas, one is to start retail at different sales points. Visit wineries or cafes. In the medium term, it would be great to open a store to expand on everything we've been planning for a long time.Aggrega Nakamine.

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Taiyaki is a type of cupcake, understood as a Dough cooked in a pan With a characteristic shape: a carp, which Ayumi explains, symbolizes “evolution and good luck in difficult times.”

It has a slightly crunchy texture on the outside, but at a low level. Inside, however, it is a soft and GouGou Includes a delicious filling. In this case, they offer four versions: pastry cream, lemon pie, cappuccino and hazelnuts. Each offers a different flavor profile, but all should not overwhelm the taste buds with too much sweetness and have a thicker, better texture.

Undoubtedly, home-made taste and generous filling characterize the taiyakis of this brand, which has been winning over the public with its creativity and perfect recipe. A new dessert to satisfy your craving!


GouGou Offers its taiyaki by order through Instagram (@gougou.pe) or WhatsApp 919618740. You can find them by bicycle in Parque Juana Alarco de Dammert (Av. Garcilazo de la Vega cdra. 14), next to the CC Real Civic Center, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 2 p.m. Plaza.

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