NASA has confirmed the appearance of a mysterious object that fell from space on a house in Florida

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An object that fell from the sky and crashed into an American home turned out to be a piece of debris ejected from the International Space Station (ISS). US space agency NASA confirmed on Monday.

The fairy tale came to light last month when Alejandro Otero, a resident of Naples, Florida, posted on the X Network. On March 8 a metal object suddenly went through the roof and two floors of his house and almost hit his son.

According to space watchers, this occurred at a time and place that closely matched official predictions of an atmospheric ignition of part of a space cargo platform carrying old batteries ejected from the orbital outpost in 2021, a coincidence.

NASA, which later collected the fallen object at Otero's home for analysis, confirmed the speculation in a new blog post.

Based on the analysis, the agency determined that the debris was a stanchion of NASA's flight support equipment. “The charging platform is used to place the batteries,” he said.

“The object is made of the alloy Incon, weighs 0.7 kilograms, is 10 centimeters tall and 4 centimeters in diameter,” he explained.

NASA pledged to study how the atmosphere would withstand total destruction, and said it would update its engineering models following the incident.

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“NASA is now committed to operating responsibly in low Earth orbit.” Mitigate the biggest risk to protecting people on Earth when space hardware is released“, said.

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